Can Dogs Eat Shrimp?

Is it safe for your dog to eat Shrimp? Read more to find out.

can-dogs-eat-shrimpSmall amounts of shrimp appear to be fine for most dogs to eat (aside from a small chance for allergy).

If you do feed shrimp to your dog, at least be careful to peel the shells because like bones shells are hard to digest and may cause choking, cuts, or other irritations. Improper preparation of raw shrimp also runs the risk for food poisoning.


What do other dog owners have to say about whether their dogs can eat Shrimp or not? See comments below.

43 Comments on Can Dogs Eat Shrimp

  1. Wendy

    I was eating some Red Lobster tonight and decided to share some of my shrimp scampi and grilled shrimp with my Golden/Lab Lexi, she was fine for probably an hour and then she started acting funny and was licking all over the carpet, then she started throwing up and it sounded very painful; she did this for about two hours and finally started acting like herself again. DEFINITELY NO SHRIMP for my dog ever ever again. She freaked me out so badly. I will never put her through that again. I feel so horrible that I caused her to be so sick.

  2. PF Carver

    My dog ate a lot of cooked and uncooked shrimp shells and everything. He has been sick for two days and now will not eat. He looks as though he has a cold and sleeps a lot. He has thrown up evrything he has eaten since eating the shrimp. But, today he is not eating. Need some advice because there are no vets in this area. HELP!!


  3. Merry Anne

    My 3 year old standard poodle just ate 6 jumbo raw shelled shrimp that were soaking in milk. He is sleeping outside tonight and I will check on him through the night. He is not throwing up at this time.
    I shall report back tomorrow.

  4. Vasnu yu

    i have an American Pit Bull/Staffordshire , one hundred pound great dog. We eat a lot of shrimp, living in Florida. As I clean them, prior to cooking, I inevitably break a few, and my dog is sitting there, patiently awaiting the discards. Cold, and uncooked, she catches them in the air as I toss them to her. It has never been a problem to her. My other dog, not a chance She will not touch a shrimp.
    We had a seafood fest one night, lobster, crab, shrimp, scallops. Instead of immediately cleaning off the table, we retired to the other room to enjoy our guests in conversation. I heard a “clinking” sound in the dining room. There was my big dog, she had climbed up on the chair, all four feet on top of the table, licking the plates clean, with a look of ‘what, you people left’. Too funny. We took a pix of it.

  5. Gene

    A jumbo shrimp ate my chihuahua.

  6. Gene

    The shrimp then scampi’d away.

  7. jenna

    my dog will eat everything i give him, bt ii dont give him everything. 😛

  8. angelic

    Mi perro ha comido camarones y no pasó nada

  9. JLaruth

    My Pekingese became very I’ll after I feed him shrimp. They both love to eat with me so I share with them. His sister was fine but he has had loose bowls for days, want eat and had lost weight. Sad part is when my husband took him to the vet he was diagnosed with deteriating bone disease and prescribed meds fir that which also didn’t agree with him.. There is absolutely no back problem. After his system is cleared of the shrimp he is starting to act like himself and bowels in check. Now to get my boys weight back on!! I’m so so sorry I ever gave him a bite, I love him dearly and I’ve just been sick over this.. Thank God he’s better!! No shrimp for my Pekingese either of them..

  10. Holly

    I have an Old English Sheepdog/Irish Setter mix. While we were out, she got into the trash and ate some raw shrimp tails from the night before.

    When we got home, she was very sick… having seizures and trouble breathing. She spent 2 days at the vets on IVs & oxygen. The vet said we were really lucky we got to bring her home.

    On another note… one Christmas she ate a cube of butter and a candy dish full of Hersey Kisses…. tin foil and all. Fortunately, she didn’t get sick this time.

  11. lisaholloway

    Gave me pittbull some crab dip that had shrimp in it had a allergic reaction! Still trying to find a remedy?

  12. Tom

    Me and my fog spit a a pack of SeaPack Shrimp. She loves it!

  13. Craig

    My wife thriough a shrimp with the shell over the fence and my terroir/chieauhaua mix found it
    She’s unable to walk and falls down when tries to get up. Is this from the shell getting stuck in her digestive system or something else?
    She’s always been very active but she’s like paralyzed on her back two legs. What to do. No vets in our area we are on a small island

  14. Kaitlynn

    One of my shrimps I made fell on the ground and my dog ate it without chewing it and not even a minute later threw up the shrimp whole and the rest of his breakfast he had eaten this morning. NO SHRIMP

  15. Katie O

    I have a Lab Doberman mix. Whenever we have cocktail shrimp, she gets the little cooked tails. She loves them and has never had an issue. However, she also has a stomach of steel and will eat just about anything and be fine. I have read though that raw could have bacteria so I stick with cooked.

  16. Michael D

    I am at vet now after giving my Yorkie shrimp tails. He became lifeless and could barely walk. $500for tests

  17. Jess

    Read the article before reading the comments.. oops! I have an 11 week old Doberman pinscher. Today when I was at a Chinese restaurant I fed him one piece of shrimp because cmon he’s so darn cute! He’s been good so far just a little runny stool. Definitely wouldn’t feed him anymore than just a taste though!

  18. Jay

    Like all Rhodesian Ridgebacks my dog is a chow hound – always hungry. She gets cold peeled shrimp occasionally as a snack/reward without problems. They are low calorie, low carb, high protein, and high flavor.

    Reading the comments, a few tips would be:

    Make sure they’re fresh;

    Make sure all shells are removed;

    First time try just a tiny amount to make sure your pet is not allergic.

    Happy snacking!

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