Can Dogs Eat Scallops?

Is it safe for your dog to eat Scallops? Read more to find out.

Small amounts of scallops should be fine for dogs. But large amounts of any “weird” food (weird for dogs at least), especially seafood, might cause trouble. One person shared a whole plate of scallops with their dog and ended up having to administer a little Immodium.

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  1. Jim Otterstedt

    My dogs have always had scallops with no problem. Never a plate of scallops but 2-4 with their food or as a treat. Avoid seasoned or fried – better to stick with broiled. My dogs have always loved fish and shell fish.

  2. Skye

    Both of my labs have eaten seared, baked and broiled scallops (in addition to cooked salmon, shrimp, lobster, rare ahi tuna, etc…) and have never been ill. Agree to not overly season, but is fine if your dog is USED to eating such items on occasion. The city vet continuously and consistently says my dogs are among the healthiest he’s ever seen, not to mention their amazingly soft, shiny and supple coats.

  3. Carin

    I cooked scallops and shrimp about a week ago and my dog had two small scallops as a treat (boiled). He wasn’t too sure about the first one, but once he ate it he loved the second. He just threw up (6 days later) a hunk of grass and the two (whole) scallops. They were hard as a rock. I feel so bad. He hasn’t been acting sick but it was as if he was unable to digest them. 🙁 needless to say he will not be getting any more scallops as a treat.

  4. Scott

    6 days later and you think it scallops? I’m sorry to inform you but either your dog has the weirdest disease on earth, or you were mistaken on the contents that came up.

    A dog passes food through its digestive system in 7 to 10 hours. There’s no way it was the scallops after 6 days. Top that off with one of the most acidic digestive system on earth, and a scallop doesn’t even have a chance. How on earth would it turn into a solid? Calcification? No way…

    I feed my Rhodesian a variety of seafoods and other foods with no ill effects. Variety for a dog is extremely important. I feel sad for any owner that just feeds their dogs “dog food”. Do you really think a dried mass of high caloric and generally grain based food is good for a dog?

    None of my dogs are fat or have any health issues. Give them variety and fresh foods and/or raw foods. You’ll be amazed at how healthy your dog can be!

  5. Chrissy

    My mini husky and Italian greyhound ate 1 scallop each since they accidentally fell,on the floor and they were fine and loved it!

  6. Dog (God) MansBestFriends

    Scott, why didn’t you just call the poster a liar? Unless you’re a licensed vet or have raised many different breeds of dogs then you should keep an open mind. Dogs I’ve treated – 1 example – had a popcorn shrimp the dog had swallowed 3 months prior. I’d treated this dog for 4 years and this time my guess was bad / old food; little did I know how old. It had caused a partial blockage and this was the last thing I would have guessed. An kanine MRI is not easy to accomplish. Good luck to; be sure of yourself but never a cocky-spaniel.

  7. Lu

    According to the vet I work for, she thinks scallops are safe if they are cooked and is unsure if they are safe or not uncooked.

  8. Amy

    Ours got into a scallop last night – threw it up a few hours later and has been lethargic today with an array of strange noises coming from his stomach.

    We feed our dog raw only, so trial and error has seemed to be a common trend with us. Needless to say, he will NOT be getting scallops again.

    After some reading, I’ve discovered that the orange part of the scallop gut can be highly toxic to dogs; however, if your dogs do not react the way mine did and you’ve removed that part, feed away. 🙂

  9. Kellie

    My 6 yr old puggle, Scooby, ate three raw scallops that fell on the floor while we were cooking them Sunday late afternoon. By 8:00 pm he was acting weird, staring at nothing, lithargic, wanted to be left alone, stayed in the hall the test of the night. The next morning I got up, called for the dogs to go outside, but only one came to me, my rottie, Scooby was still laying on the hallway floor. I went to work at 8 am thinking that when I got home all would be well, got home at 1:15pm to find not greeting me at the door with my other dog but still laying in the same spot in the hallway, I picked him up and carried him outside to go potty, he didn’t.
    He would get up everyonce in a while to get a drink of water and that was it. By about 6:00 that evening his breathing had gotten very labored, I was going to take him to the vet when it open at 8:00 the next morning on my way to work, he didn’t make it past 7:00 am that morning, he gasped for air twice and passed this morning:'(
    Not saying it’s directly from the scallops… But it is kinda coincidentel..

  10. Cookie

    We gave our Shizu/beagle mix a couple of seared scallops ( not seasoned ). He threw up everything in his stomach….scallops, dog food, treat. Poor thing.

  11. Luca

    Wow her dog was acting sick for 36 hours wouldn’t walk wouldn’t pre wouldn’t get up and she waited and waited to take dog to the vet. Shouldn’t own an animal .

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