Can Dogs Eat Raisins?

Is it safe for your dog to eat Raisins? Read more to find out.

Can my dog eat raisins? NO!Raisins, like grapes, are VERY BAD for dogs. Raisins after all are simply dried out grapes, so they retain the same chemicals that are toxic for dogs. Eating raisins can be fatal. They are just as Рif not more Рdangerous  than chocolates, yet far less people are aware that dogs should not eat raisins.

Dogs that eat raisins usually begin vomiting after swallowing them. This throwing up is helpful because the raisins don’t end up being digested completely.

If the raisins work their way into the dog”s system, it becomes much more dangerous. Nearly all dogs that are known to have eaten raisins will eventually develop renal (kidney) failure. There is not a lot of research on why grapes are toxic. All we know is just be sure to keep raisins far away and out of reach from any dogs.

If your dog has eaten one or two raisins, it probably isn’t as bad. But if your dog eats a bunch, go to a veterinarian right away before it’s too late. Fast and aggressive treatment including IV fluids and close monitoring is often necessary for survival.

Remember: Don’t feed your dog raisins or grapes and keep them away from dogs!


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  1. Mike W

    Very helpful. Our lab ate a slice of rasinbread. We called our vet who prescribed a peroxide solution. The dog seems fine now.

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