Can Dogs Eat Potatoes?

Is it safe for your dog to eat Potatoes? Read more to find out.

Dog owners love their pets, and they often consider them an important part of their family. They may dress them up in their very own outfits, share their beds with them at night and include them in family photos. Just as you like to treat your children to something special such as ice-cream or candy, dog owners normally also enjoy finding some treat their pet will love. Many wonder if it’s okay to share their potato chips with their dog while they lounge on the sofa watching television. Fortunately, there are several human foods that prove to be fantastic dog treats that will have your dog’s taste buds watering.

Potato Products

According to the Humane Society, the skin of a potato is toxic to a dog and no raw potato should ever be given to your dog. The ingestion of this could lead to problems with your dog’s kidneys, digestive system, nervous system and urinary tract. However, sweet potatoes are another matter entirely. Your dog will absolutely love some cooked sweet potatoes, and they are considered a very healthy treat. Some dog owners dehydrate sweet potatoes to make some nice and healthy homemade jerky for their pet. You won’t hurt your dog if you offer him a potato chip or two from a bag, but be sure it is only a couple now and then. Your dog doesn’t need all that salt.

Broccoli and Other Veggys

Many dogs enjoy healthy vegetables such as broccoli, cucumbers, carrots, peas, green beans, celery and cauliflower. These can be offered to them in their raw form or baked or boiled. If you offer these vegetables raw, then be sure to cut up the onesĀ  that are large enough to pose a choking hazard. Turn them into manageable bite-sized pieces. Also, if you are sharing your dinner with your dog, watch out for the amount of butter, salt and pepper you have added to the vegetables. These condiments are not good for your dog. Your dog should not be offered any vegetables that have been seasoned with garlic or onion in any form as these contain chemicals that can be toxic to your pet.

You always want to be good to your dog, but you must be careful when you decide to feed him foods meant for humans. Check with your dog’s veterinarian or your local Humane Society if you have questions about what your dog can eat before offering him something new.


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2 Comments on Can Dogs Eat Potatoes

  1. Elizabeth Horan

    I’m asking is it safe to feed my 13 year old cocker spaniel small boiled potato with the skin on it ??
    Thanks appreciate your time to answer my question

  2. Patty

    Dogs can eat potatoes and the skins IF they are thoroughly cooked. Raw potato and its skins are poisonous for dogs.

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