Can Dogs Eat Pork?

Is it safe for your dog to eat Pork? Read more to find out.

Dogs can eat pork. Pork by itself is about as safe as beef, chicken, and other meats.
Can dogs eat pork or pig meat?
For cooked pork such as bacon, ham, sausage, or ribs be very careful with the seasonings. Seasonings that contain garlic or onions are especially harmful to give your dog.

For raw pork, there is a small risk of being infected with trichinosis (also known as trichinellosis). This disease is caused by intestinal roundworm. Both humans and animals can become infected from eating raw or undercooked meat, whether it’s the pork from pig or the beef from cattle or all other meats. Trichinosis can lead to muscle soreness, pain, and swelling in the upper eyelids.

To prevent this disease, make sure all fresh pork products are properly cooked. For extra precaution it’s recommended to freeze pork for 3 weeks to kill the roundworm parasite. The disease is not common in the United States.


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13 Comments on Can Dogs Eat Pork

  1. Gene

    I own hunting dogs in the SW Florida region. We hunt Feral/Wild Hogs. I currently feed all my dogs a meat diet consisting of Boiled Pork. I include the hair, skin and meat, usually removing all bones pretty simply after the meat is boiled for several hours. The dogs look FANTASTIC. Their coats are full and shiny, they defecate hard pellets which are much easier to clean up and the cost, lets just say I dont have much cost but the preperation is a little of a pain. I boil the meat on a turkey cooker with a propane tank. I then take a knife and big fork to cut the meat in 6-8 inch peices (I give hair and skin as well). Its working for me and my pooches…….

  2. Lori

    Thanks Gene! The butcher gives me pork skin for my dogs and I didn’t know if it was any good or how to prepare it… So thanks for the post!!! Cheers Lori 🙂

  3. Abdullah

    My dog will not eat pork because of religious reasons!!

  4. wjohnson

    Abdullah,you are a muslim, can you keep a pet dog?????

  5. Geesar

    Never, Ever feed raw pork to a dog.

  6. pitbulllover

    Can dogs eat cooked pork that has been in the microwave overnight?

  7. Josmom226

    My dog ate gnawed on a bone of smoked pork shoulder, not even much anything on it, and he threw up/had diarrhea for two days!!! I know other dogs that are fine. Maybe he is allergic or just isn’t used to much people food.

  8. Sarah Kelly

    Hi my name is Sarah Kelly and I have a dog and today she ate a raw chicken is that mornal for a dog I’m not sure and my family is wandering?

  9. Stan

    PORK For Dogs

  10. Nancy McCrory

    Our vet says tha there are 4 things a dog should never eat – pork, onions, grapes and garlic.

  11. Nancy McCrory

    Our vet never to give a dog pork, garlics, onions and grapes.

  12. Monica Hartman

    My husband was cleaning the fridge out and decided to give our French Bulldog some seasoned pork that was used for tacos. I didn’t catch this mishap in time….

    He , the dog, was up all night panting and pacing. Is he going g to be alright?

  13. j

    @Gene. Yea hard small pellets mean your dogs are very constipated (which can be deadly). Probably because they’re on a all pork diet, I’m surprised they’re still alive

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