Can Dogs Eat Fish?

Is it safe for your dog to eat Fish? Read more to find out.

Boned fish should not be fed because their bones can cause get stuck in the dogs’ throat, stomach, or intestines which could cause choking, lacerations, or internal bleeding. Pieces of fish may contain small bones that are not easily visible.

Raw salmon may cause salmon poisoning.


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15 Comments on Can Dogs Eat Fish

  1. Ora Rhyne

    I feed my dog only tuna packed in olive oil, she loves it, and I have had no problem with that!

  2. AngiMen

    I have given my 6 yr old Pomerainian cooked shrimp and salmon (w/skin) and she has been fine. Granted, I do not give it to her on a daily basis and am careful there are no bones in it, but nothing has happened so far…..that said…I have given her grapes before I knew they are bad for your dog, and she loves them and still, nothing has happened to her. Could also be the very small amount.
    Or, my dog might just have an iron stomach.

  3. joybubblz

    just grind the stupid fish. your dog won’t care. or get a can of it.

  4. Joie de Vivre

    Sled dogs are fed raw fish all the time, sometimes exclusively for long periods of time. The do just fine on it. Like chicken, the problem with fish bones occurs when they are cooked.

  5. tiffany

    I’ve given my 6 month old maltese talapia cooked ontop of the stove in olive oil and she loves it…..& i also give her & my 10 month old yorkie rice krispy cereal for breakfast & i haven’t had any problems….& yes they love apples

  6. joey H.

    i wanted to know if my goldie can eat talipia with me once and a while. its not an every nightthing just when were bbq;in


  7. hk

    I fed my dog bake salmon, just about 2 thump side. I make sure there is no bone before I fed her. she was love it and was fine. and my dog is very sensitive with some food. if you give you dog as a treat, and make sure there is no bone, it should be fine. eating and walking is there pleasure of life. let your dog as many different food you can, but just google the food if it is safe for your your dog before you give them.

  8. Charlotte

    de-boned fish that was thoroughly cooked worked well for my two dogs, though my smaller one would do anything for tuna in spring water straight from the can. 🙂

  9. andrew

    Traditionally sled dogs are fed fish, including dried salmon. During the winter months sled dogs would eat fish almost exclusively.

    Here are the real risks

    #1 Fish bones, which can cause a dog to choke. In fresh fish these are often soft enough to not be a problem

    #2 Salmon and a few other fish can have a parasite in them inside of which is another parasite which can make dogs sick (salmon poisoning)

    Fully deboned and cooked fish is absolutely fine. Dried fish is fine. Raw fish other than salmon is fine. Raw salmon from a can is fine. Salmon you grabbed out of the river on it’s way to spawn or caught while fishing poses a very LOW risk but not zero risk of having a parasite that can kill your dog.

  10. Robert

    My dog loves to be fed canned tuna and canned salmon. Fish sticks or fish from Long John Silvers are also eaten. No problem, no bones.

  11. Peter Caine

    Just because your dog like’s some thing, that’s why you give it too your dog? Don’t be a fool, feed a dog as close too what it would eat in the wild.
    Dogs eat food raw, not cooked. Don’t bother with fish

    Use raw chicken, add some beef heart, human grade lard, super small amount of rice human grade fish oil
    Multi Vit once a week
    Bird bones are soft when not cooked. Never give the dog cooked chicken bones

  12. ThreeGunFish

    My dog loves fish.

  13. Andrew A. Barber

    Dogs can eat raw fish, it’s not a problem for them as long as the fish is raw and unflavoured.

    If you cook fish then the bones become too brittle and can cause issues for your pup.

    My puggle loves seabreeze, seabass and haddock.

    Salmon can’t be given to dogs, stay away from that.

  14. Emma

    I feed my italian greyhound puppy the dog food blue and it has fish in it.. Should i stop feeding it to her?

  15. Emma

    I feed my italian greyhound puppy the dog food blue and it has fish in it.. Should i stop feeding it to her? -emma

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