Can Dogs Eat Corn Cobs?

Is it safe for your dog to eat Corn Cobs? Read more to find out.

There are many things we as humans can eat and dogs can not. However, one of the more controversial topics is whether or not your dog can eat corn, or corn cobs for that matter.

Corn by itself is fine for dogs, on occasion, for the most part. Some dog owners may say that dogs can not digest corn as it is a carb, and dogs have a hard time digesting such foods. Unless you dog has a sensitive stomach, corn is safe to give them on occasion.

The problem with corn arises when you give your dog the actual corn cob. Dogs like to chew on things, such as bones, but they also like to chew on corn cobs. When a dog chews off a piece of the corn cob, that piece may become lodged in the animals digestive tract and can be extremely dangerous to your dog.

If your dog does swallow a piece of corn cob, and gets lodged in the intestine, one of the only ways to remove the piece of cob is through surgery. So remember when giving your dog food from the table, a little bit of corn is fine, but the corn cob belongs in the trash.


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  1. Carol, Englewood, FL

    Our precious pitbull stole an ear of corn from the counter and got seriously ill. Indeed, the cob got lodged in her intestine and if not for a very skillful and caring vet (Gladiuex at the Englewood Animal Clinic) who operated to remove the cob we would definitely have lost her. Don’t ever let your dog get access to corn on the cob!!!!

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