Can Dogs Eat Carrots?

Is it safe for your dog to eat Carrots? Read more to find out.

can-dogs-eat-carrotsDogs can eat carrots! Dogs are omnivores, and eating vegetables are safe for dogs to eat (in moderation). Feed them raw for them to chew or cooked as a treat.

In fact it’s a good idea to include fresh vegetables into your dogs diet. Dogs should eat a variety of different things, including vegetables like carrots – in moderation of course. Many dog food even include carrots as one of their ingredients. Raw carrots are used as fillers and for vitamins in commercial dog food, and cooked carrots can be found in gourmet dog treats as well as in homemade dog food recipes.

Some dogs are picky and won’t eat them, but many dogs just love to eat carrots. They especially enjoy chewing on them, which can be good for their teeth as it removes plaque. Does your dog like eating carrots? Let us know in the comments.


What do other dog owners have to say about whether their dogs can eat Carrots or not? See comments below.

75 Comments on Can Dogs Eat Carrots

  1. Jorge

    My two nine year old labs, Hueso and Porsha, love baby carrots. At first they didn’t know how to chew on them and they would slip out of their mouths. It was hilarious. Now they beg for them.

  2. cice

    I have a pit & g shepard. Every morn they sit at my fridge waiting For their carrots.

  3. Eddie

    My 10 month old German Wirehair loves baby carrots! I use them as special treats while training him. Our other terrior also loves to chew on broccoli stalks

  4. AimeeR

    If you are wondering if carrots for dogs you should know that they are one of the most nutrient rich veggie that you can give to your dog. Mine get carrots with every meal and they love it too 🙂

  5. JoAnn

    Boogie and Bella love carrots, apples, and strawberries!!

  6. Katherine

    My dog max loves carrots and he will do anything for them. When he hear a bag he thinks it is a carrot and comes running to me.

  7. Brian

    We have a 14 week boxer that she loves carrots. We give her a baby carrot she she is good in the house and when she sits for us

  8. David

    My staff just ate a carrot and she loved it, im gonna start giving her carrots=)

  9. Gloria Bone

    I was just shredding a baby carrot for my new box turtle and my two Chihuahuas ABIGAIL & EARTH QUAKE acted like they wanted some carrots…I thought they wouldn’t eat it…I gave them each half of a baby carrot and to my surprise,they BOTH love carrots… I’m glad to know that I can now use them for treats…THANK YOU EVERYONE !!!! ( I read all of your comments ) GLORIA 🙂

  10. Mary

    My dog named Daisy she is a rat terrer and loves eating carrots. I use them as treats or snakes. It has come to that she asks for them. When she wants some she will get my attention and go to the kitchen t and scrach at the refrigrator. When I open it she points with her nose to the carrots thatI keep on the bottom shelf. She also like bell peppers all colors, too.

  11. ElizabethA

    My 8 month old Basset Hound loves them!
    Carrot’s are his favorite treat!

  12. toshanik

    A week ago I started giving my min pin carrots and he just loves them. He has been over weight so I thought this would make a good snack for him. He really like to eat a lot and always begging.

  13. Simone

    I have 3.5 month old pug dog” Buddy”. He loves baby carrots. He is teething right now and he is looking for something to chew on. Chewing baby carrots keep him busy for a little while and away from biting us 🙂 I also use them for training. Within couple of days he learned how to seat down Yaaay .

  14. Rosco Biggums

    Yep! The Biggums LOVES carrots. Just gave him his first one and he is a happy boy! He chewed on it for a while, breaking it into small pieces. Then, he went back and ate each of the pieces. He will be getting carrots instead of stinky bully sticks from now on…

  15. Zoey K

    My dog Reese.. Loves carrots, and he is cute

  16. Michael

    My 15 year old Westie-poo LOVES carrots!

  17. Pam

    My lab Utah, 3 months pulls the carrots out of my garden to snack on.

  18. pat homans

    My 92.6 lbs Husky/sharpie mix loves raw carrots, I buy the regular carrots and cut them to size, she gets several a day and just loves them but I also give her probiotics and enzymes to break her food down, I think that helps, she also loves brusselsprouts and broccoli specially the stalks of the broccoli so when I buy fresh broccoli, I take the stalks of and give her one a day but carrots are her favorites, she also likes plain salad, she is a vegetable girl

  19. Tina

    My dog Cali LOVES carrots. When I go the the fridge she comes a running for her carrot. Our dog Rasin(who passed a few years a go) would eat any veggies except peas. I would steam mixed veggies and put them in her bowl, she would eat all the veggies and place all the peas on the floor next to her bowl.

  20. Anonymous

    When I give my dog a carrot he just sniffs it and looks away as if to say “A carrot? I’m to good for that carrot, feed me bacon” XD true story.

  21. Kadrine

    My pup pitbull loves to eat carrots

  22. Effie Catron

    Our Cocker loves raw carrots but our boxer/lab mix doesn’t. Our cocker eats them like a kid eating candy

  23. matthew

    Dogs are not omnivores, they are carnivores.

  24. LORI

    I have 2 Jack Russell Terriers and I feed them carrots after they eat their meal they love them.

  25. Tanya

    Yes, my dog loves them. I gave her a carrot one day, as I had left one on the kitchen counter. I wanted to see what she would do. At first she played with it then, she took a bite and starting chopping away. They are a treat for her now. I even gave my grand-dogs one the other day they were over and they 1st played with them then chopped away.

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