Can Dogs Eat Bones?

Is it safe for your dog to eat Bones? Read more to find out.

dog-eating-bonePet owners for years have given their dogs bones to eat. Eating bones may have some health benefits for dogs. There are some bones dogs can eat and some they can not eat. It could be dangerous for their health.

Small bones can be especially dangerous towards dogs. If a dog ate a small bone the dog would have a high risk of choking. Choking could cause death for dogs if not given help quickly enough.

Also small bones can get caught in a dogs stomach or pieces can break off, which causes digestive problems. In turn cause pet owners to have to get surgery’s for their dogs.

There are certain bones made specifically for dogs to eat. For example raw hide bone, which can usually be found in pet stores. These kind of dog bones provide proper nutrients for dogs. That benefit their health in many ways with out concerns.


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