Can Dogs Eat Beets?

Is it safe for your dog to eat Beets? Read more to find out.

cropped-1069323_496504583768254_1109372242_nEveryone wants what is best for their dog, and feeding them right is something that we all struggle with. People want to keep our pet healthy and strong, and they want to avoid feeding them something that will hurt them in the end.

Because beets are full of nutrients, such as manganese, fiber, iron, vitamin C, vitamin B, and more, they can actually be a very healthy food option for dogs. But the beets should always be fresh.

Canned food contains a lot of sodium, so it is not recommended for consumption by dogs. They get enough sodium in their diet already, so they should not receive it through a processed foods, even if it is a healthy one such as beets.

Too many beets can cause stomach problems in a dog, so the amount given should always be limited.

It’s good to know, too, that beet slices make a great, healthy choice as a dog treat.


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