Can Dogs Eat Apples?

Is it safe for your dog to eat Apples? Read more to find out.

can-dogs-eat-applesDogs can eat apples. You can chop them, peel them, or core them. Just make sure that your dog does not eat the seeds or the stems since they may be toxic in large amounts. Feeding a whole apple is not a good idea for this reason. The rest of the apple is safe for dogs to eat.


What do other dog owners have to say about whether their dogs can eat Apples or not? See comments below.

46 Comments on Can Dogs Eat Apples

  1. April

    Well I gave my puppy an apple and she loved it very much

  2. Jess

    Our dog absolutely loves apples! If he sees one of us snacking on them, he’ll just stare at us until we decide to give him a little piece. We give him rather small pieces; around the size an pumpkin seed

  3. Carole

    My 2-1/2 old Morkie loves apples. I give him pieces after his meals (morning and night). I keep them cut up in a baggie in the refrigerator and he knows as soon as he’s done eating I will give him about four pieces. He jumps up like a jumping bean!!!

  4. Kimikai

    My Dog Issaboo, love granny smith apples, I bring them in the house and she will follow me around and beg until I peel, core and slice one and feed it to her, honestly you would think I had a steak, she loves them so much,

  5. Marissa

    This site was amazing I loved the funny dog comments but enough about that lol.My boston terrier Romeo loves fruits he loves carrots,apples,cantaloupes,bananas,and oranges but our other boston terrier Violet doesn’t favor them she loves red licorice twists even though there sweet and supposedly bad for them she has never once had a problem and right now they are both crunching on some crispy green apples

  6. Nathan

    We have a spoiled Maltese who begs for people food. He is so precious & sweet so it’s easy to give in with fruit, not people food. I know grapes are bad but he loves apples. My advice to dog owners would be to NOT let them eat the skin. First time we gave him an apple slice, it was mainly the skin and it seemed to stick to his throat & that worried us a little until he drank some water. He also loves bananas and canned green beans. He is our little baby boy & we are trying to use the fruit as a way to make him shake before he gets his fruity treat.

  7. Barbara Diamond

    I have been giving my fur-person Apples and the core, but no more.
    Just the apple and no core. She loves the core but no more. Thank you thank you so much she is so dear to me I was
    love her so much Thanks again for the information.

  8. Jim

    Recently there was a flash flood that washed a ton of apples into our back yard. Our dogs Bella and Benji were confused with all this new fruit that suddenly appeared in the yard. They ran around the yard with the apples in their mouth like a ball. After reading these posts, we’ll definitely consider letting them eat the apples. What an unexpected blessing 🙂

  9. Kyah

    Thanks everything on here really helped although I’ve noticed that my boxer Houser doesn’t like them but his son who is a boxer shepherd mix and my black lab love them. Remmy my boxer mix has had runny stool so hopefully this might help Ill keep you posted.

  10. Patti

    My scotty loves apples & bananas.
    I use for snacks . Excellent for training rewards. Peeled, of course & chopped !

  11. Casey

    My dog ate a green apple then the next morning see got sick… It may just be green apples but be careful!

  12. Lisa

    I cut up a green apple and have it with peanut butter every day. My Yorkie and Chihuahua are both beggars so I have to share everything with them! I cut the green apple into matchstick pieces and dunk them in peanut butter for them. They love it! The Yorkie will eat the apple without peanut butter but thi Chi spits it out unless it’s on there!

  13. Taylor

    I skinned and apple and chopped it up into several small pieces gave it to my dog and she loved it trying to get more now I give it to her about every other day for a little treat

  14. Khujo chihuahua corgi mix

    My mommy never gave me any apples do now I can show her this info and she will let me eat some ??

  15. Amaya Hunter

    My dog just seemed to continuously lick it.

  16. Michelle

    I prefer not to give our shepherd/pit a whole apple due to all the sugar in apples. Plus it makes her very gassy. However, my father makes apple “chips” every year and they are great treats/rewards. Lilo loves them and baby carrots!

  17. Sherry

    My Dachshund throws up Granny Smith apples, but can and does have small, peeled bits of any other type apples, along with green peas as treats!

  18. Krissy

    I give my dog an apple so now she is looking all around for one and she loved it

  19. Renee

    My papa has two apple trees and my chocolate lab just goes and helps herself to the apples that fall on the ground and she’s been perfectly fine! Never got sick from them and she’s still perfectly healthy!

  20. Jen Carr

    my dogs accidentally eat the apple tree roots, and after that he had a seizure, what would happen to my dog?

  21. Denise

    Please make sure your dogs do not eat apple seeds, they are poisonous to a dog. Look it up!

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