Can Dogs Eat Shrimp?

Is it safe for your dog to eat Shrimp? Read more to find out.

can-dogs-eat-shrimpSmall amounts of shrimp appear to be fine for most dogs to eat (aside from a small chance for allergy).

If you do feed shrimp to your dog, at least be careful to peel the shells because like bones shells are hard to digest and may cause choking, cuts, or other irritations. Improper preparation of raw shrimp also runs the risk for food poisoning.

What do other dog owners have to say about whether their dogs can eat Shrimp or not? See comments below.

34 Comments on Can Dogs Eat Shrimp

  1. bboy23

    my dog just ate a shrimp, but for only one shrimp.. does it affects the dogs skin or hairs?

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  2. gabbie

    this is great info cause we gave our dog shrimp and the next day she was doing funny stuff

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  3. Christy

    My dog ate tons of shrimp skin and she was fine…but check if your dog has allergies first! (chew the shell if your dog is 10 years old in human years or more)


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  4. Brandy

    My German Shepherd has eaten a plate of shrimp in the past, and nothing happened to her.

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  5. bueford lee

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  6. Lo

    my dog eats shrimp all the time and is a 3 year old schnauzer mix.

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  7. Jon Ross

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  8. Barbara

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  9. hector

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  11. Burnum

    My shrimp ate a dog and felt fine afterward.

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  12. Jim Henderson

    Gave my Fox Terrier a few pieces of shrimp, along w/ chicken prepared by Chili’s for the first time. Woke up this morning and found that he had vomited a small amount of his food…so I guess it didn’t agree with him.

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  13. Janne

    Barbara, I am so pleased your dog is looking so young and healthy, and you seem to be feeding her almost everything right. You lost me though with the chocolate and grapes, two of the MOST TOXIC foods to give a dog. She may seem to tolerate these foods well, but you ARE shortening her life. Please look at what these foods DO to her internal organs over time. I pray you remove these from her diet, so that you have your precious fur baby, for a lot more years yet. Please don;t be cavalier about toxic foods. The warnings are out there for a very good reason.

    Shrimp in moderation (as for humans), is also fine…”IF” they don’t have an allergy. Seafood allergies in humans cause death everyday, and the same happens with some animals as well. Test them with ONE shrimp, and see how they go. CHILLI is a definate NO NO to animals.

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  14. kenneth walters

    My dog is a Euro-black Jack Russell, 10 yrs. old. This is Sunday. Last Wed. he became sick. He is finally drinking water and eating ice and the only thing he has eaten and wants is cooked shrimp and a few bites of Pupperoni, for what it is worth. He ate five smaller shimp yesterday and though still not up to par, at least he has kept them down.

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  15. Missye

    I’ve an Aussie shep/collie mix. He was fed shrimp all the time. Not knowing he may or may not’ve had a shellfish allergy, he’d get cooked, peeled, de-veined shrimp in massive amounts (10-20 pieces, including the tails). These days, considering his seizure history and still not knowing if he’s allergic to shellfish, he gets five cooked shrimp, tops, no tails or skins. He doesn’t appear to have an allergy; with vet bills and lab testing prices what they are, it pays–no pun intended–to be wise.

    Check if your breed of dog can have shrimp or other shellfish in moderation. Even if they can, it is possible their genetic lines might be open to the rare instance of an allergy to even one shrimp. You really just never know. If you’re still not sure, stick with the “when in doubt, leave it out” rule. It won’t him or her at ALL to NOT have the shrimp more than it may or may not if they do eat a piece or two.

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  16. rafael alejandro

    mi perro kasi muere por komer kamarones
    todo comenzo porque mi papa le dio kaskaras
    de kamaron esgtamos esperando aver ke pasa sobre su
    salud asi que pido un min de silencio por mi mani (perro)

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  17. Angie

    Tonight my sheltie ate a small piece of cooked, de-shelled shrimp, and 10 minutes later she threw up a large amount of food. It scared me because I thought she had food poisoned. She seems to be fine now. I feel sorry for feeding her food which caused her sick. I will not give my dog any shrimp in the future.

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  18. austin

    i fed my wormrimer a small amount of deshelled fully cook shrimp and he puke for 1 hour off and on

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  19. yes

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  20. jim

    while my wife and I were eating peeled shrimp our 16 yrold Yorkie went crazy we gave her some and it appears to be her favorite food…great now I have two girls with expensive taste.

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  21. JR

    Most of the dogs are allergic to shrimps, lobster, crabs or similar to this. They also allergic to seashells food and few fishes mostly to cat fish.It will start to the dog drastic itchiness, to hair losses, and ended to mange. Don’t take a risk.

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  22. Christina

    My husband and I were eating shrimp and we have given it to our two other dogs before a American Pit Bull Terrier and a Transylvanian Hound and they have never been sick, but we gave it to our new puppy a Walker Hound and his eyes became droopy and he started peeing alot and then his eyes retracted to the far corners of his eyes..His reaction was bad and if we hadnt taken him to the vet- She said he would have died. The dogs wont be getting anymore shrimp from us!

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  23. woooosh

    We live at the beach and our 5 labs treat the surfline like a Red Lobster buffet- and have for many years. Tiny crabs everywhere and they love them- alive, or just the empty tiny shells some hungry fish discarded. When we cook shrimp they go nuts, and I’ll toss them a deveined one. Our labs obviously have no shrimp or seafood allergy and their large digestive tracts are no problem.

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  24. intheAdks

    We were eating cooked,de-veined shrimp and gave our 3yr old Rottie a piece and he immeditly dropped it and his mouth started foaming up!!Made him drink to rinse his mouth out and gave him a couple treats to clean his mouth out.Never again.

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  25. brittany

    I have a dog named Toby were giving him shrimp to eat.

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  26. Wendy

    I was eating some Red Lobster tonight and decided to share some of my shrimp scampi and grilled shrimp with my Golden/Lab Lexi, she was fine for probably an hour and then she started acting funny and was licking all over the carpet, then she started throwing up and it sounded very painful; she did this for about two hours and finally started acting like herself again. DEFINITELY NO SHRIMP for my dog ever ever again. She freaked me out so badly. I will never put her through that again. I feel so horrible that I caused her to be so sick.

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  27. PF Carver

    My dog ate a lot of cooked and uncooked shrimp shells and everything. He has been sick for two days and now will not eat. He looks as though he has a cold and sleeps a lot. He has thrown up evrything he has eaten since eating the shrimp. But, today he is not eating. Need some advice because there are no vets in this area. HELP!!


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  28. Merry Anne

    My 3 year old standard poodle just ate 6 jumbo raw shelled shrimp that were soaking in milk. He is sleeping outside tonight and I will check on him through the night. He is not throwing up at this time.
    I shall report back tomorrow.

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  29. Vasnu yu

    i have an American Pit Bull/Staffordshire , one hundred pound great dog. We eat a lot of shrimp, living in Florida. As I clean them, prior to cooking, I inevitably break a few, and my dog is sitting there, patiently awaiting the discards. Cold, and uncooked, she catches them in the air as I toss them to her. It has never been a problem to her. My other dog, not a chance She will not touch a shrimp.
    We had a seafood fest one night, lobster, crab, shrimp, scallops. Instead of immediately cleaning off the table, we retired to the other room to enjoy our guests in conversation. I heard a “clinking” sound in the dining room. There was my big dog, she had climbed up on the chair, all four feet on top of the table, licking the plates clean, with a look of ‘what, you people left’. Too funny. We took a pix of it.

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  30. Gene

    A jumbo shrimp ate my chihuahua.

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  31. Gene

    The shrimp then scampi’d away.

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  32. jenna

    my dog will eat everything i give him, bt ii dont give him everything. 😛

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  33. angelic

    Mi perro ha comido camarones y no pasó nada

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  34. JLaruth

    My Pekingese became very I’ll after I feed him shrimp. They both love to eat with me so I share with them. His sister was fine but he has had loose bowls for days, want eat and had lost weight. Sad part is when my husband took him to the vet he was diagnosed with deteriating bone disease and prescribed meds fir that which also didn’t agree with him.. There is absolutely no back problem. After his system is cleared of the shrimp he is starting to act like himself and bowels in check. Now to get my boys weight back on!! I’m so so sorry I ever gave him a bite, I love him dearly and I’ve just been sick over this.. Thank God he’s better!! No shrimp for my Pekingese either of them..

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