Can Dogs Eat Peanut Butter?

Is it safe for your dog to eat Peanut Butter? Read more to find out.

PB&J may be an old stand-by for people food, but is peanut butter and jelly alright to feed the family dog? In covering the human foods that Fido may also eat, peanuts are among the safe foods. Macadamia nuts should be avoided as they are toxic. There are plenty of authoritative sources that would advise no human foods are safe for dogs to eat. With moderation and a watchful eye, give them a try and pay attention to any reactions. If anything, the sugar content in the jelly is just as bad for dogs as it is for humans.

An Omnivore with a Carnivorous Bias

dog-with-peanut-butter-224x300As a result of hanging around with humans, dogs intrinsically know a sweet stare is sufficient to garner the goodies. After thousands of years of foraging through bones that humans tossed out of their caves, <a href=” “>perhaps this accounts for the love affair with large, hard knuckle bones.</a> These days, it is best to boil them to eliminate any parasites before letting furry friends go to town on them.

It is obvious by the dog’s teeth and behavior they clearly have carnivorous traits. However, their digestive systems are capable of processing carbohydrates. This is what can confuse people into thinking dogs are true omnivores, but they are not really. Proceeding with caution is the best approach. For example, fruits and vegetables are good for their diets. Perhaps next time it comes to sharing a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, replace the sweet treat with fresh strawberry fruit as a way to cut down on the sugar content. Be aware that while they can eat wheat, too much bread can actually ferment inside a dog’s stomach and get them a little tipsy.

Dogs Need a Challenge

It is in the nature of all dogs to scavenge for their food. The challenge of foraging for the prize inside inspired the KONG, a hollowed-out plastic toy more dog owners are becoming familiar with. Hunters by nature, a dog risks boredom when the challenges of problem solving are eliminated. The <a href=””>KONG presents one of those interesting chores that comes with a reward</a>. It is a form of food puzzle, much like freezing treats in a block of ice for the hot summer. Stuff the KONG with a mixture of fruits, such as strawberry, and nuts or peanuts with peanut butter as a kind of glue to hold them all inside. Turn it lose and give the dog hours of fun trying to get to what is hiding inside the toy.


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  1. Larry

    Best to give dog Fifty/50 brand of PButter. No trans fat or added salt or sugar.

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