Can Dogs Eat Oranges?

Is it safe for your dog to eat Oranges? Read more to find out.

can-dogs-eat-orangesDogs can eat oranges safely. Dogs are omnivores, and most fruits (except grapes) are safe for them to consume in moderation. Oranges are a good source for vitamin C, vitamin B12, and other vitamins. The high citric acidity of oranges, however, may cause dogs diarrhea especially if fed in large amounts. Also be careful that your dog doesn’t eat the seeds.


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  1. Barbara

    My female Belgian Malinois (6 months old), ate a small piece of chewed up orange 2 days ago and has since extremely sick ever since. She has been puking non-stop and will not eat very much, and this was accidental thing! (My toddler dropped it on the floor). She is also wheezing and not herself, she’s just lying down all day which is NOT a malinois thing to do, if you know the breed. It says dogs are omnivores, which they are not! It’s harder for them to digest vegetables and fruits, and many are harmful. Bears are omnivores they can survive on vegetation or meat, dogs cannot be in top shape just from eating vegetables. They gain most nutrients from organ meats and the meat of the animal. It’s actually better for your dog to consume meat & organ meat, it is after all what they’ve evolved on. Please don’t take a chance on feeding your dog orange, some may be able to stomach it, but there are some who cannot like my dog, for example. It’s sad there are so many misinformed and this site is just adding to the stupidity of the world.

    To the person who said oranges have b-12 is an idiot, maybe you should learn more about health.

  2. Judy

    I found oranges peel in the yard was wondering why. Then some peels on my patio . Now my Zoe German Shepard , I find was the orange picker. I’m glad to know its ok. Zoe loves. veggie and fruit thank you

  3. Ruthie

    I just feed my two dogs Harley and Ruby an orange slice a piece and they loved it!

  4. fullerette

    My toy poodle Loves oranges! I’m glad to know they are ok.

  5. k9lady

    My 5 mo old Golden Retriever gets an orange that fell from my tree, brings it in joyfully, plays with it like a ball for about 1/2 hour and then eats the whole thing very proudly! She has been fine. I limit her finds to once every other day (:

  6. jenna

    my doxle (beagle+daucshound) will eat about anything i give him, and ask for more… he LOVES oranges. i give him cuties (small oranges without seeds) and give him tiny portians at a time. #spoiledmuch?

  7. Michael Provost

    Our yellow Loves Oranges i just avoid the seeds What happens if they do eat seeds??

  8. Cortney S.

    I have two Papillion’s; one cannot stand the smell of oranges and the other one devours them like he hasn’t eaten in weeks, it’s the funniest thing!

  9. Lombard216

    Have two pitbull puppies and I got a dozen oranges for Christmas I juiced the oranges and gave the dogs the inner pulp with the fiber and they didn’t have a problem because they weren’t ingesting all that juice

  10. Lombard216

    Just got done juicing eight dozen oranges and I give the dogs the insides of the orange that leftover pulp and the fibrous parts and they absolutely love it and they don’t get the diarrhea from it

  11. GDane&Terriers

    I have a Great Dane and 2 Boston Terriers I will split 2 Halo oranges between me and my 3 pups. they sit patiently as we each get pieces. They have no seeds in them and they are easy to peel. They love the little pieces and they are naturally sweet. They sometimes will get cottage cheese with pineapples, yogurt with apple slices or just the halo slices. My pups love fruits. It is very good for them in moderation because it will cause gas so you don’t want to give them a huge amount all at once and make sure they don’t get any seeds.

  12. Mercedes

    My Australian shepherd love fruits. Out of my every morning organic and natural fruit shake I give him a small portion like 1/4 of a cup and he is doing very well(only fruits that he can have). He is over 12 years old.

    Oranges don’t have B-12, but they provide a significant amount of nutrients while remaining low in calories, making them a nutritious food choice. Each medium orange contains about 62 calories and provides at least trace amounts of all of the essential vitamins except vitamins B-12 and K. A medium orange provides at least 5 percent of the daily value for folate, thiamine and vitamins A and C. You can minimize any nutrient losses by storing oranges in the refrigerator instead of on the counter.

    Read more :

  13. Angel

    Would it give any of the dog issues?

  14. Christine

    My 3 month old puppy Snowflake only chews on the peel and doesn’t eat the actual orange slice but she does lick the orange slices
    The peel is a good breath freshener though,because her breath always smells like dog food

  15. I Zimmerman

    Oranges are a good source of vitamin C (ascorbic acid), but it’s not necessary for dogs. Dogs, like most other mammals, can manufacture their own ascorbic acid. Only a few species require it in their diet.

  16. Venise

    Thought I would try and Just gave my 8 year old chihuahua his first slice of orange with breakfast, so far he has only sniffed it and seems uninterested but he loves his weruva canned spoonful of Amazon liver & couple spoonfuls of Artemis small breed dry dog food for breakfast so will throw it out if it is still in his dog bowl at dinner time.

  17. Alexandra

    Can my dog eat orange peels?

  18. Audrey Connolly

    I Dont want to give my dog any fruit because I am afraid something bad will happen to her

  19. maximino

    I have a cocker spaniel, named JASON, and boy he eats anything that looks appetizing, I gave him some Pieces of Mandarin Oranges, and he ate them, like it was awesome. I think, that the main importance of giving Oranges to dogs, is NOT GIVING them the peels, and the seeds. Besides that, you can give your pet buddy, some love with Oranges. Bon appetite.

  20. Amanda

    My pug pup snuck my orange peels and went to town on them. Glad to hear she can eat some without consequences.

  21. Emma

    My dog Miya loves them she with eat them whole she loves them see you and catch them in the air

  22. Lisa Rose

    My Maltese Tiny loves all fruits! She tends to swallow her food without chewing so I give her it in small pieces. It’s awesome to see her eat fruits and veggies that I know are healthy for her. She’s never had any problems with oranges or any other fruits. On the other hand my Shih Tzu/chihuahua Patch snubs his nose to almost all fruits! More for Tiny! Lol

  23. Christina Stockinger

    What barbara said (more above) is wrong. “It says dogs are omnivores, which they are not!” They without doubt are. But this does not mean that they can thrive on certain fruits or veggies alone or the same percentage. They need primarily animal protein. True is that frits/veggies are mostly less easy digestable for them. It is a question of the amount aand also a question of the individual animal. So your dog has problably eaten a too large amount and presumably of a fruit he was not used to at all. Maybe -as it was acidental – he has also got the cores, which should always be removed as they might trigger digestiv problems for some dogs.

  24. lizzy c

    My Poochon loves orange, but he can only have a bit

  25. Kelly

    My Vizsla/pitbull mix likes every kind of fruit I give him. He will even chew on banana peels..not sure if the peel is the best but it doesn’t seem to effect him. He will even eat a sour. Orange

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