Can Dogs Eat Honey?

Is it safe for your dog to eat Honey? Read more to find out.

Can dogs eat honey?Honey is nontoxic and actually contains essential nutrients and vitamins, although, it is recommended that you do not give more than one teaspoonful of honey a day.

Still, it might not be safe to give them to puppies.

Honey should never be served to babies or puppies. There may be botulism spores in the honey that can effect the youngest of our “children.” Older animals and humans have immune systems strong enough to tolerate it. Honey is fine for your adult dogs, just don’t give it to puppies.



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  1. Patti Branson

    My 3 yr old Yorkie Mix has anxiety seizures and gets horrible tremors after. I have tried giving him a teaspoon on local honey (live in Fla where we have Oleanders too, so hope none is in my honey). It seems to have helped the tremors. Perhaps his blood sugar gets low during the seizure. Anyone ever heard of it happening?

  2. greg cox

    Make sure you use raw honey for allergy problems, or for any beneficial qualities. Honey bought at the grocery is
    pasteurized and all the pollens, vitamins,and minerals
    are cooked out. It is just another processed food with no
    nutritional value whatsoever.

  3. Michael

    My dog has a condition referred to as tracheal collapse that causes him to cough (can be common in Westies and other small breeds). A vet on the internet demonstrated mixing lemon with honey and injecting the honey into the dogs mouth with a syringe. I tried it and my dog actually likes the taste once its in his mouth. It relieves my dogs cough. So, even though the dog won’t lick honey out of a bowl, he seems to like it once its in his mouth and it really seems to sooth his cough. The vet said its ok to use the syringe with Robitussin DM in my dog’s case, but I am avoiding this and using the honey-lemon mix instead with good results.

  4. Lynn

    this thread was very helpful I was so glad to see that someone else was using honey on a spoon to give their dog medicine, My dog has a very bad case of kennel cough and I had tried everything to get the anti-biotic down her finally I mixed it with a little honey and she took both dosages but then I thought oh no I should of asked if I could do that, what if its bad for them – I an so relieved now – thanks 🙂

  5. Jack

    I am a forth year bee keeper and have been told repeatedly that oleander is also toxic to honey bees and that they will gather nectar and pollen from it only as a last resort. That means that if you have oleander in your area, but a lot other blooming plants, they will not be going to the oleander in your honey.

    When you get specialized honey it is from rural areas where either the bees are being used for pollenation or situated where a single plant is in abundance and blooming.

  6. Chris Farrell

    I have a two and a half year old Chiweenie, she has food allergies as well as seasonal allergies. I have solved the food allergies but the seasonal allergies are back with a vengence. Someone told me that local honey would be best. Can I give her local honey?

  7. marie

    our dog is coughing for 5 days now, and she doesnt eat 2 days upto now. she refuses to eat honey and growls at us. what should we do?

  8. David W Stevens

    Great insight. I would imagine that my dog would Love honey as much as I do. He sure did like it. Thanks to all who treat their pets with Love.

  9. Diana Woodside

    Can I recommend everyone that uses honey to look into the various grades of Manuka Honey from New Zealand. Since it is becoming increasingly popular there are a few stores selling less than stellar grades, but anything better than 12+ would be wonderful for your pets immune system.

  10. Anel

    Can Pomeranians eat honey?

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