Can Dogs Eat Honey?

Is it safe for your dog to eat Honey? Read more to find out.

Can dogs eat honey?Honey is nontoxic and actually contains essential nutrients and vitamins, although, it is recommended that you do not give more than one teaspoonful of honey a day.

Still, it might not be safe to give them to puppies.

Honey should never be served to babies or puppies. There may be botulism spores in the honey that can effect the youngest of our “children.” Older animals and humans have immune systems strong enough to tolerate it. Honey is fine for your adult dogs, just don’t give it to puppies.


What do other dog owners have to say about whether their dogs can eat Honey or not? See comments below.

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  1. Julia

    Adult dogs can eat honey, it has natural antiseptic properties however it is a high sugar item so should be used sparingly.

    Dogs do like the taste of it too.

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  2. adam

    my puppy had distemper virus and sick with flu and cough. i gave him honey everyday and within 1 week he looks so much more healthier.

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  3. Janne

    I have been giving my dogs honey as a rare treat on toast, and appreciate the wonderful properties in most honeys. I just want to warn people who are not buying recognised and certified brands, that BEE’S making honey from pollenating the flowers off the OLEANDER TREE, produce honey that has the potential to kill small children and dogs, and it has. Even if it doesn’t kill your child or animals, the devastating effects of consuming it is horrific. Please be careful people. KNOW WHAT yu are feeding your kids and animals. <3

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  4. MMM

    It’s a great tool to get my dog to take medication. I crush up the pill and then add a bit of honey to make the powder into a ball which he then happily licks off a spoon.

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  5. Ruthie

    When my yorkie was 6 weeks old, the vet told us that he was hypoglycemic and that we had to feed him a teaspoon of honey every few hours and mix crushed up honeycomb cereal in his food so he wouldn’t go into a coma.

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  6. janette

    Honey is so beneficial for humans, I was hoping my dogs could benefit from it too. I was so excited to read that it was, until I read Janne’s comment on honey and the Oleander tree being toxic to dogs. I’m hoping someone can clarify why and how you would know if bees pollinated honey from an Oleander tree! It doesn’t say anything on the hooney label about trees! Help!

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  7. Vanessa

    My dog loves peanut butter. Unknowingly i bought peanut butter w/ honey, After giving him a kongo ball full of this peanut butter w/ honey the next day all hell broke lose, he went to bathroom all over the house. Now my dog is potty trained & would never go in the house unless he absolutly could not hold it. At first i thought it was stress,because i had returned to work, out of guilt i gave him another kongo of peanut butter w/honey.Now the diaharrea wont stop, and hes not eating!!! i dont knw what to do?>?? please help!

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  8. brue

    It is true that every part of the oleander tree is extremely poisonous. The flowers are, too. I have done research and from this website,(,I learned that honey and even smoke from the shrub is poisonous. To answer your question, Janette, no certified honey brand would ever sell honey made from a poisonous shrub. However, I would recomend researching whatever brands you buy, and if they have any history of poisonous honey

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  9. Mandy

    Janette, I was curious as well so I looked up the plant. Apparently it’s a very popular flowering evergreen type of plant that requires a tropical or sub-tropic climate. In the US it’s mostly cultivated on the West coat, and is popular in California. While it wouldn’t guarantee that the bees would not have found one somewhere, getting honey that’s cultivated in the central states or maybe the east coast should be a safe bet. Most honey companies will label where their honey comes from because local honey is supposed to have some benifit to seasonal allergy sufferers.

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  10. katherine


    Most of the honey you purchase SHOULD have on it’s label somewhere the kind of flowers that would effect the honey. For instance, Savannah Bee Company tells you that certain kinds of their honey are from orange blossoms, etc. You might find more of this exposure and honesty from smaller or organic companies, so look into them. Many of them list the kind of flowers because it does effect the taste of the honey.

    I wonder if honey has the same properties to aid allergies for dogs as it does for humans. Eating a little local honey each day can actually help humans with seasonal allergies caused by local pollen…it functions almost like a vaccine.

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  11. Nat

    I am planning on making granola for us & my dogs who 1 is pregnant & 1 just had a litter of pups less than a week old. I thought the items in this will be very beneficial to them but, as Janett also asked how do you know if the bees had polinated an Oleander tree & where do they commonly grow. I also have no way to regulate the amount of honey in the amount of honey in granola. Are there any other things dogs should not eat such as raisins? I heard they should not eat grapes.. Also anyone know if it’s good for pregnant dogs.

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  12. Nat

    I looked up oleander trees. They are a tropical, fictus tree that grows best in warmer climates.

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  13. Nat

    I looked up Oleander trees. They are a tropical, fictus tree that grows primarily in warmer areas.

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  14. Sue

    I read that honey produced from your area was good for humans with spring and summer allegies, I was wondering if it was ok for me to give to my yellow lab, he has bad allegries?

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  15. Christian

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  16. marcus

    what about raw honey

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  17. Tina

    Don’t feed your dogs grapes or raisins. Both are poisonous.

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  18. alan

    I wonder how anyone can say where the bee pollinated? I have oleander in my yard – I wonder if my two golden retrievers get allergies from those plants> I find if I just put a small amount of peanut butter in a kong ball for my dogs they have dirreah the next day. I have stopped giving them Pb and cheese and their poop in solid. The PB and honey combo is probably really tareing up their stomach

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  19. Claire

    Great tip re local honey & allergies. My CKC Spaniel has terrible allergies so ill give anything a try.
    Alan, and any others who have dogs with upset tummies, if my dogs ever have soft stools a hard boiled egg soon binds everything up and settles their tummies quickly. I always buy free range of course 😉

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  20. sherrie

    Just reading the comments about dogs & loose stool. My vet recommended canned pumpkin mixed with my dogs food & out works great. Just make sure you buy only pumpkin, not the kind that has spices in it for pie.

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  21. Diann

    My dog was having seizures about once a month but they were at the same time between 2:30 and 3:00 in the early morning so had our vet run blood work and everything was fine so I started to put together that the only thing that was scheduled in his life was when he ate his breakfast and dinner so I did some research and found info about low blood sugar and seizures in dogs and we had already check for diabetes which he didn’t have so this article mentioned honey. Ben now gets honey before we go to bed at night and he (knock on wood) has not had a seizure since and it’s been over a year now. I do not think this would help for dogs that have random seizures but who knows.

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  22. Sonora

    My Dog was diagnosed with a serious heart disease which has caused his metabolism to speed while decreasing his appetite. Since his diagnosis in february I have struggled to find foods that he will eat to try & maintain his weight & had not been ver succesful. His doctors had no suggestions & t old me I would have to accept his not eating & wasting away. Things got really bad last week. He was refusing almost everything & I was at my wits end when I noticed the honey in the cabinet was 60 calories per tabelspoon. I gave him a spoonful & he tolerated it. Now I’m giving him honey daily as a supplement,( ans sometimes as a meal replacement when he refuses to eat). Since Manny is a big boy he’s actually taking 25 tabelspoons of honey in increments of 5 tabelspoons at a time throughout the day. I have noticed no ill effects & he’s happy, he’s playing, it even seems as though the honey has stimulated his appetite & he looks like he might have gained a little weight. I’m not saying that such huge portions would be good for every dog, but in Manny’s case I’m sure that it is improving his quality of life (& mines too).

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  23. Daniel

    @Vanessa : Yogurt will help restore your dogs natural digestion, feed him/her a bland diet of rice and a little ground chicken, maybe just a little chicken broth at first. Look and see if the specific peanut butter was on a recent recall, it does happen occasionally. Your dog may have an allergy to either the peanuts or the honey, seek veterinary assistance if the bowel irritation doesn’t stop. Thats the best advice I can give, handed down to me from a veterinary technician/animal lover/friend.

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  24. Donna

    You need to buy honey that is made within a 20 mile area of where you live. Good place to fine local honey is at a farmers market.Only local honey will give you and your dog the best results!! My dog was having uncontrolable sneezing attacks to the point he was unable to control his head and was banging it on our floor and makeing his nose and teeth bleed, Vet could not find out what was wrong, after spending hundreds of dollors in testing found out about honey (only local) He and I are feeling must better. We both take 1 teaspoon a day.

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  25. Stephanie Morales

    Apparently dogs can have honey, and depending on “need” or age. I am a local beekeeper here in the east, and 2 of my 3 dogs are reverse sneezing so much, and Benedryl just isn’t cutting it, so I am going to try honey, it worked for me! I don’t have to worry about Oleander trees, they don’t grow here. And it is not possible to be 100% sure what any bee is pollinating in any given area. So if you are on the West coast, just don’t give honey to children under 3.

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  26. Patti Branson

    My 3 yr old Yorkie Mix has anxiety seizures and gets horrible tremors after. I have tried giving him a teaspoon on local honey (live in Fla where we have Oleanders too, so hope none is in my honey). It seems to have helped the tremors. Perhaps his blood sugar gets low during the seizure. Anyone ever heard of it happening?

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  27. greg cox

    Make sure you use raw honey for allergy problems, or for any beneficial qualities. Honey bought at the grocery is
    pasteurized and all the pollens, vitamins,and minerals
    are cooked out. It is just another processed food with no
    nutritional value whatsoever.

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  28. Michael

    My dog has a condition referred to as tracheal collapse that causes him to cough (can be common in Westies and other small breeds). A vet on the internet demonstrated mixing lemon with honey and injecting the honey into the dogs mouth with a syringe. I tried it and my dog actually likes the taste once its in his mouth. It relieves my dogs cough. So, even though the dog won’t lick honey out of a bowl, he seems to like it once its in his mouth and it really seems to sooth his cough. The vet said its ok to use the syringe with Robitussin DM in my dog’s case, but I am avoiding this and using the honey-lemon mix instead with good results.

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  29. Lynn

    this thread was very helpful I was so glad to see that someone else was using honey on a spoon to give their dog medicine, My dog has a very bad case of kennel cough and I had tried everything to get the anti-biotic down her finally I mixed it with a little honey and she took both dosages but then I thought oh no I should of asked if I could do that, what if its bad for them – I an so relieved now – thanks :)

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  30. Jack

    I am a forth year bee keeper and have been told repeatedly that oleander is also toxic to honey bees and that they will gather nectar and pollen from it only as a last resort. That means that if you have oleander in your area, but a lot other blooming plants, they will not be going to the oleander in your honey.

    When you get specialized honey it is from rural areas where either the bees are being used for pollenation or situated where a single plant is in abundance and blooming.

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  31. Chris Farrell

    I have a two and a half year old Chiweenie, she has food allergies as well as seasonal allergies. I have solved the food allergies but the seasonal allergies are back with a vengence. Someone told me that local honey would be best. Can I give her local honey?

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