Can Dogs Eat Grapes?

Is it safe for your dog to eat Grapes? Read more to find out.

Dogs can NOT eat grapes!Grapes (and raisins) are VERY BAD for dogs. They can be potentially fatal. They are just as – if not more – dangerous  than chocolates, yet far less people are aware that dog’s should not eat grapes!

Dogs that eat grapes will often start throwing up after ingesting them. Vomiting is good so that the grapes do not end up being completely digested.

Once the grapes work their way into the dog’s system, it becomes very dangerous. Almost all dogs that are reported to have eaten grapes eventually develop renal failure, better known as kidney failure.

There still is little known about why grapes are toxic. Possibilities like pesticides, heavy metals, and fungus contamination have been ruled out as causes. Just be sure to keep grapes and raisins far away and out of reach from any dogs.

If your dog eats one or two grapes, it probably isn’t as bad. When my dog was a puppy, it stole a grape that dropped from the kitchen table. He vomited and had diarrhea for a couple days, but he is fine now.

But if your dog eats a handful, seek a veterinarian immediately before it is too late. Fast and aggressive treatment including IV fluids and close monitoring is often necessary for survival.

Keep grapes and raisins away from your dog!

What do other dog owners have to say about whether their dogs can eat Grapes or not? See comments below.

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  1. Brandy

    I have always heard this. However, once my toddler fed her entire baggie full of grapes to my German Shepherd and nothing happened to her. TWO other times, my toddler fed the dog her individual box of raisins, and nothing happened. Not even diarrhea. I guess we got lucky.

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  2. Terri

    Our German Shepherd loved grapes and never had a bad moment from them.

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  3. sharlet

    I’ve heard a lot about this as well. But I’ve also heard about dogs living on vineyards, eating grapes straight off the vine with no problems at all. I have a six month old border collie who loves them. If we have them in the house, we feed him about two a week as an occasional treat, but we’re careful. I hope we don’t regret it.

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  4. milli

    My Dog is a chow chow and pit bull mix 5 months. And my 3 year old peels the grapes and gives them to the dog, he has had no problems.

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  5. Hieu

    I’ve fed my dog grapes (before I found out that they were toxic) and he never threw up or had diarrhea. But of course I stopped because I don’t want him to have renal failure.

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  6. iknowbetter

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  7. rx71980

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  8. cindy alvarez

    I didnt knw that grapes were bad for dogs. I have fed my boston terrier , chihuahua , and pomeranian grapes there whole lives and have never had any issues not even the runs. weird eh

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  9. Shannon

    I wasn’t as Fortunete as you. I had a 9 year old lab and one nite me n my husband was eating a bag if grapes and I threw one at him n he of course caught it which became a game, for us:(
    I noticed he was unable to pee but my husband said oh I bet it’s nothing he’s just being a boy. We had no idea that his kidneys was shutting down.
    Was the hardest death to witness. Very painful I’ll never forget my dog last scream from the pain. He is missed. Please stop giving them grapes it’s not worth the risk.

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  10. HayleyLynn

    My dad always feeds our chaweenie green grapes when he eats them. She simply loves them and gobbles em all up. She has never gotten sick or had any signs of sickness from them. Does it matter if they are green or purple? Cuz that might make a difference.

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  11. Katherine Parrick

    Though I’ve never had any problems feeding our seven year-old, sweet-as-as-kitten pit bull a couple of grapes (usually peeled) there are several documented incidents of grape/raisin toxicity and poisoning out there. Interestingly enough, all of the cases I’ve encountered involve labradour retrievers (or lab mixes).

    From the ASPCA website,

    …At the current time, we know that grapes and raisins appear to cause renal failure in dogs who’ve ingested large amounts. However, we have not determined with certainty the toxic component, or the exact mechanism that causes renal failure. It is also not clear if only certain dogs are affected, or if long-term ingestions can lead to the same effects that a large one-time ingestion can. Because there are still many unknowns regarding the toxic potential of grapes and raisins, it is advisable not to give grapes or raisins to dogs in any amount.

    –And, google Laurinda Morris, DVM (vet) for an open letter posted throughout the web on a case of raisin toxicity she encountered that killed a 5 year-old lab mix.

    For those of you STILL feeding your pups grapes or raisins (even as an occasional treat) keep this info in mind and weigh whether a ending moment’s worth of sad-eyed begging is worth the risk!

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  12. Samantha

    don’t feed your dog grapes! Don’t take the risk of killing your dog! You will feel sorry if they die from the poisonous food. Even if it is a game or a treat you will soon stop laughing!Don’t poison dogs do not take the risk!

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  13. Chloe

    i fed my dog grapes before and he never had any problems but i read this and i dontknow if i should give him anymore

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  14. Cassie

    We ave grapevines across our whole back fence and our 5 mo. old lab mix lucy eats right off the vine. We rent our home so what should we do?

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  15. Cassie

    We have grapevines across our whole back fence and our 5 mo. old lab mix lucy eats right off the vine. We rent our home so what should we do?

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  16. Nicolle

    My lab just got a hold of about ten grapes and I keep reading that all the bad things have happened to labs. Is there anything I should look for?

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  17. Partyanimal

    @Iknowbetter my dog happens to love rum & cokes. he asks for them all the time! (he can’t pour them… no thumbs…)

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  18. Jackie

    my dog ate 3 grapes…the first won she didnt eat…the others she did…is that ok? will she be ok?

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  19. Casey Parker

    My chowbrador puppy licked up the juices from a grape that had fallen out of my hand and he had stepped on. He got very bad diahrrea (bad spelling) and he just now started acting normal today. I had no idea that they were so bad. Luckily I never tried to give them to him. My mom told me she heard of a dog her uncle had that ate a bowl full of grapes off of his table and went crazy. I guess that means he wasn’t himself.

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  20. Frank

    An Elaboration and Partial Defence of the Grape.

    My colleague and I have come to a collaborated theory on this particular subject. It is our agreed opinion that dogs. like humans, may be allergic to certain foods. Introspective elaboration on this theory presents the following facts duly noted and annotated for conclusional support.

    1. Some dogs have allergies!
    2. Not all dogs have the same allergies.
    3. Some allergic reactions are more severe than others.
    4. Grapes are a seriously poor substitute for a well balanced canine diet.

    If your dog IS allergic to grapes, common sense would dictate you not give them any. That is, IF you like them. Getting a full regime of medical test (for allergies) would be a good idea if you seriously worried about your dogs’ health tolerances to the varied diets you are administering.

    Troublesome animals, (old, smelly, generally dumb or positively stupid, disobediant, snarling and biting the neighbor hood children while they play type), should be given grapes periodically. Especially if they show signs of grape allergies, and should be entirely based on your tolerance level of the animal at the time you administer the offending fruit. Chances predict this animal will typically be non responsive to grape therapy…

    foot note…

    If you are feeding your animals the same food you are eating, you are killing your dog anyway. Dogs need a balanced DOG food for proper growth, development, and overall health. DO NOT feed your dogs questionable snacks from your plate or bowl.

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  21. terri

    my rott woke up with a bad case of diarea all over my living room i didnt know what happened until i found out my son was shareing his grapes with him this is day 2 and he still isnt well i hope he pulls through
    we are feeding him rice and hamburger to help with the diarea dont have money for a vet and this worked before when he had tummy trouble before

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  22. Rachel

    I’m a research RN and dog owner/lover and was curious about this. I have found one small study (which has been cited here) that has never been replicated and only theories about why this is the case. Then there are some stories about dogs eating grapes and getting ill, stories about dogs eating grapes and not getting ill…I personally don’t buy the dog/grape theory. This is not good research.

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  23. Debbie

    I gave my chihuahua grapes one night… was amazed that he liked them. then he was having problems urinating and i thought he had a infection and took him to the dr. he was old and had a heart problem and i didnt know it. his prostate was swollen and so possibly he had a reaction to the grapes. wished i would have known that it wasnt good to feed grapes to a dog. he might still be alive. i feel so bad about that. i miss him. he was having a problem leading up to it … but i will never know.. cost me over 200.00 to put him to sleep.

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  24. MaggieSwann

    My dog ate grapes today and a while back but they where the seed kinds my neibor has a grape vine and my dog Odie goes over there and eats grapes im kinda scared because what if he gets sick if you k now what to do please tell me :)

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  25. Barbara Gayle Massey

    I never realized just how many seemingly different foods were unhealthy for our pets. Who would have thought nuts especially peanut butter I am surprised that cherries, peaches, apricots, and apples are very good for dogs. This is very good to know because I Certainly was unaware of these facts. I was amazed to learn that avocado as well as tomatoes could cause tremors and seizures. My sister had given some to her little dog and it had not shown any problems. We will know better from now on. Thanks

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  26. Haley

    I don’t think this is necessarily true. I’ve give both of my dogs grapes for years and they’re both in perfect health. Neither have ever gotten sick from this or had diarrhea. I think this is a fruit that needs more research.

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  27. Bill

    When I was a kid in the 1950s my grandparents were grape farmers (Thompson seedless) a variety of dogs were out in the vineyard at any one time, none of them could read so none of them knew grapes would hurt them. They all ate the grapes during harvest season and none of them ever got sick that I can remember and they all ate pounds of the things every season–not just one or two. Our present vet said he’d heard this story but has no idea where it came from and since grapes aren’t too wide spread in Alaska doesn’t think we’ll hurt our guys with the occasional treat.

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  28. Shayna

    I don’t know the facts on why dogs can or can’t have grapes because i have never given any of my dogs grapes before. But I have been wondering, I know seeds from certain fruits can be poisonous…like apple seeds contain cyanide and peach and plum pits contain cyanide. So maybe its the seeds in grapes that is dangerous? maybe those who have fed their dogs grapes with no adverse effects were feeding them seedless grapes? Anyway, if this hasn’t bee considered or investigated maybe people could consider that?

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  29. Rachel

    I don’t know about the whole grape thing, I have heard different stories about it and have not noticed a change when my dogs (one lab mix and one schnauzer) eat them. I have noticed my schnauzer just kind of plays with it and so does my lab and then she eats it. Haven’t noticed any issues with that though. I think it depends on the dog and its allergies. I don’t think it would cause an issue unless the dog already had issues or an illness.
    I only gave them one each but I am going to err on the side of caution and not give them any, , but I love my dogs and don’t want them to be in pain. There is no treat worth loosing your best friend(s).

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  30. Chuck

    Wow, all these years who knew! . I have had many dogs over the years, Schnauzers, York Shire Terriers, one cat (tabby, and yes he loved grapes!), mini-poodles, Dobermans, and now a Greyhound. I am a 57 year old male and grew up in a family which allows had at least one four legged family member.
    And yes! From time to time we/I fed everyone of them from time to time green grapes, with the exception of my current girl “Angel” the retired racer (greyhound) and my current Std Schnauzer which have ingested green grapes in the past , but! Not in the last year her is 6 yrs old and in excellent health as is the Greyhound. I would toss a couple to them as a treat, no issues or health problems. All of whom lived to a very ripe old age. From 13-16 yrs (Yorkie 16 yrs layed to rest just this past year, and she! Loved green grapes). She would dance and twirl on her hind legs and paw at us and bark for them in fact) Again in small quantities 3-4 at a time couple days a week. I am also big on organic only when available which in the case of grapes is the only option I would purchase along with berries such as blueberries, blackberries , strawberries, raspberries and bananas and apples, peaches, plums, pears. And most all fresh veggies . I am a Whole Foods shopper . I feed my pets Holistic dry dog food and dog treats.
    So! After of almost 25 yrs! of sharing my grapes with my four legged companions and no serious health issues. I am a bit perplexed about this fact as to toxicity to animals. And all but! Perhaps a couple all mentioned they have a Lab or Lab/mix that suffered renal decease.
    I have read all the posts , so let’s break this down, as we all know certain breeds are prone to different ailments, allergies, health issues etc……..
    After reading a lot of blogs and talking with my vet, there is a increased # of cancers in dogs and cats, which is contributed by mass produced dog/cat foods. This is not regulated and if you look at where the food is made! Ea: China!, in most cases!!! There a RED flag should automatically go up!
    So! That Pedigree, store brand off brand etc.. dog/cat food you been feeding Buster or Miss Kitty, may be harmful and toxic to your animal.
    As I have mentioned I only feed my animals holistic dog food and treats Yes! A bit more expensive!, But!
    At least I know where the food is made and the ingredients put into it. And Not only that! my animals all have healthier coats, no skin irritations, allergies, etc. They have more energy and active they are.
    Even the vet is impressed. So! Yes I spent about 20% more on food and treats annually but! The vet bills are minimal. Just routine annual exams and vaccinations. In fact neither have had dental work and both are 6 yrs old and their teeth are pearly white and healthy gums and breath well most times will not knock you out. Lol.. The Schnauzer breath is not bad. The Greyhound is a different story only because they are prone to dry mouth. So! Extra attention is needed I brush her teeth twice a week . put a couple of squirts of Oratene Veterinarian water additive to their drinking water, which has helped immensely!.
    I have a white Schnauzer and his beard gets stained and since adding this additive to their drinking water it has helped in that regard as well, now his beard is an off white and not this dark dirty brown.
    The holistic dry dog food also he does not have those tear drop stains in the eye area as with dogs with light colored coats often are plagued with.

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  31. melanie

    My grandma has a pug named Zoey and she likes grapes.

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  32. ben

    I have a white pug named chowder. He was fed about 6-10 grapes and about 30 min later he was experiencing diarrhea vomiting and fatigue. We ended up seeking help from a near by veterinarian center and chowder spent 18 hours at the vet.

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  33. Carla

    My 2 yr old rat terrier loves green grapes… And beer. After reading all the comments sounds like possibly allergy is the problem with some dogs. We have 5 rat terriers and a Shepard . The rest don’t eat the grapes, maybe they know better for themselves.. They don’t like beer either, I wonder if there is a connection

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  34. Valerie

    My chihuahua always stands by my feet when I am cutting fruits and veggies. She loves them all. I always cut the grapes in half for her else she just rolls them around. And I’ve never had a problem with her vomiting or having diarrhea.

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  35. Shirley

    I have a Shih Tzu who is almost 10 yrs. old. My vet wants her to lose a few pounds so he said instead of store bought treats told me a list of fruits and veggies to give her instead and green grapes was one of them. He said not red grapes but green ones were ok. So I wash them and freeze them and she just loves them.

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  36. Sheyla

    I have give my dog grapes and nothing happens . He loves grapes . I went to a dogs doctor and they said grapes are usally good for the bones . But though grapes can also be bad for some dogs especially if they are little .

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  37. Victoria Beckham

    I wouldn’t try to feed dogs grapes

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  38. Victoria Beckham

    I wouldn’t try feeding dogs grapes because it could kill them I don’t know for sure maybe

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  39. Tara

    Just spent $1200 on vet and hospital bills for my 7 year old (very healthy lab) because he consumed a small sandwhich bag full of red seedless grapes! Be careful!!! It’s not worth the risk! Keep the toxic grapes away, plenty of other delicious treats your dog can enjoy.

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  40. Rick B.

    Fed a golden-retriever-cocker-spaniel mix (about 65 lbs.) 7 or 8 grapes at breakfast one morning, then about four hours later decided to check and pulled up this website. Alarm bells went off, took her to the vet immediately.

    They took a blood sample, all components (including her creatinine level, important marker for kidney function) were within normal range, but said to watch her for 72 hours for things like vomiting, diarrhea, excessive urination. None of those symptoms have appeared, but during the final 48-hour period she seems to not be urinating anything at all, though still consuming normal amounts of water, food, etc.

    She seems OK, but we will take her again for a second blood test today (day 3) as a precaution. Did not know about grapes being toxic, only about chocolate. Avocados and a few other foods are also dangerous for dogs. Will be VERY careful in the future about giving any “people” food to any dog. Vet suggested carrots and apple slices as healthy dog snacks.

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  41. Doglover1228

    Well people who say dogs can’t eat grapes I’ve Clarified with my vets and my almost nine year old mastiff ( who is older than most mastiffs ) eats grapes all the time yet he is still alive is it maybe the dog breed that cannot have grapes because my dog is still alive so I don’t get it in fact it seems to be making him live longer I could be wrong but maybe it depends on the type of dog and the type of grapes as long as you don’t put pesticide on your grapes you should be fine. As I said my mastiff eats grapes almost every day just don’t buy the grapes like that and your MASTIFF will live I can’t guarantee another dog breeds.

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  42. Briah

    My little pit bull mix had only a lick of jelly that had fell on the floor, you would think that jelly with all the added sugars wouldn’t be a big deal but I was definitely wrong. He got sick for a whole day straight and I’m talking diarrhea and vomiting uncontrollably. KEEP AWAY FROM JELLY OR GRAPES… BOTH HARMFUL.

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