Can Dogs Eat Coconuts?

Is it safe for your dog to eat Coconuts? Read more to find out.

Can dogs eat coconut?Dogs can eat coconuts. Some dog owners have been known to give coconuts to their dogs as toys to play with and then later they open the coconut up for their dog to eat.

Dogs can eat the coconut pulp and the coconut milk. Their poo will usually turn runny, greasy, and pale. The hard shell or husk isn’t really good for dogs to eat, because it’s hard and has “hairs”, although it shouldn’t be toxic. You don’t need to worry about pesticides because coconuts don’t need any thanks to their protective outer shells.

Coconut contains albumin, which is also found in egg whites and is good for red blood formation. Coconut is also rich in fiber with its digestible oils and can aid in removing worm eggs.

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55 Comments on Can Dogs Eat Coconuts

  1. Jim

    I figured if in an area where coconuts grew naturally that of course dogs would eat them.

    However, your article and information made the decision concrete and being ok.

    I half first thought to let her gnaw on the shell but thought would’ve cut her gums or something same as cut my hands the first time I opened one.. Lesson learned..

    Good info all around. Thank you.

  2. frankie

    I live in the bahamas and my dogs love coconuts,when im enjoying a fresh coconut off the tree they dont rest until one is open for them

  3. rsutton

    My puppy loves coconut. I had some out for a recipe and he went crazy. He is only 10 weeks old, but to me its a natural food, cant go wrong compared to what goes into some dog foods

  4. Bonnie

    My mini Dauchund Loves coconut meat

  5. Rafael

    I love giving my dog food that people eat as treats, and I’m pretty sure he loves it too, although he maintains his well nourished diet. I wasent sure about coconuts, as I was enjoying one myself, but all this info makes sense. Thanks, oh! Domino says thanks too!

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