Can Dogs Eat Coconuts?

Is it safe for your dog to eat Coconuts? Read more to find out.

Can dogs eat coconut?Dogs can eat coconuts. Some dog owners have been known to give coconuts to their dogs as toys to play with and then later they open the coconut up for their dog to eat.

Dogs can eat the coconut pulp and the coconut milk. Their poo will usually turn runny, greasy, and pale. The hard shell or husk isn’t really good for dogs to eat, because it’s hard and has “hairs”, although it shouldn’t be toxic. You don’t need to worry about pesticides because coconuts don’t need any thanks to their protective outer shells.

Coconut contains albumin, which is also found in egg whites and is good for red blood formation. Coconut is also rich in fiber with its digestible oils and can aid in removing worm eggs.

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  1. Monroe

    my dog LOVES to chew on coconut shells, they helped her stop her shoe eating habbit

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  2. Kathy

    I live on Guam and coconuts are so plentiful. My two dogs a German Shepherd Mix and a Pitbull love to chew them. My Vet recommended not only as a good chew toy but because they don’t cost anything!

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  3. Kathy

    My Veterinarian on Guam recommended coconuts for my dogs which are plentiful and free.

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  4. admin

    I used to live on Guam, hafa adai!

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  5. Dennis Brown

    Feed your GSD Coconut for good barking and it help them a lot in their body as 4months full breed eat coconut a lot….

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  6. JJ

    My pomeranian love the coconut meat- loves it.

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  7. denise

    my husband just drained the milk from a coconut & our dog went crazy, it took
    us a few minutes to realize she could smell the milk! we gave her some & she went
    crazier still, now she is chomping on some “meat” :)

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  8. tracy

    I was making healthy nut treats for my family and noticed each time that Rutledge my shepherd/husky cross would wait by my side and drool as I rolled the treats in unsweetened coconut. He did this last time and i let him eat the remaining coconut! He absolutely loves it! Glad it is safe for him!

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  9. Charissa

    About 3 weeks ago we fed our Australian Shepherd fresh coconut because she was going insane when we opened it up. She has since thrown it all up sporadically in huge undigested chunks. It looks exactly the same as we fed it to her.

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  10. Mark

    My pitbulls all loved coconuts in their husks. It is large, spongy, and fibery, with the dogs loving to shred it. Sometimes they would run with it in their jaw, and shake it, probably enjoying the feeling of the sloshing of the “milk” on the inside. Now that I live up north, it’s tough to find them! Now that’s an idea! To import them from Florida as inexpensive and natural dog toys.

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  11. Jamie

    I’ve never tried a coconut before so i wanted to go out and get it…i went outback to break it open and my goldendoodle ripped out out of my hand and ran around the yard with it before i could even open it up. After I opened it he jumped up to take it from me *which if very rare b/c he is a very calm dog* .. He’s been chewing on it for the last 45 minutes..loving every minute of it. So glad its safe for him, he’ll now be getting a coconut atleast once a week! <3

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  12. jil

    OMG! Yes, my dog loves coconut. He has ever since he was two or three weeks old. Actually, it started with Coconut Creme (coffeemate non dairy cream). But, THANK YOU SO MUCH. You may have just saved my mom’s life. She is in a hospital with a very very low blood count, very low ALBUMIN! I’m on my way to bring her something coconut….

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  13. Charity

    My pug is diagnosed with bladder stones. I give her coconut water and it really helps her to urinate normally without any blood stain.

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  14. Adrian

    My dog lives at the beach so he likes to play with coconuts and open them up and eat them and share them with us and our other awesome dog. YEAH.

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  15. Jacob

    My toy poodle “Elmo” enjoys nibbling on fresh coconut just as much as I do.

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  16. lisa

    While eating a tropical fruit trail mix I decided to offer my pit bull a dried coconut strip and he went crazy for them. I don’t care for them so at least they’re not going to waste. While I’ve been typing this comment I haven’t given him any and he has stood up on his hind legs and is looking me straight in the eye and whining. I never would have thought any dog would like coconut. Wish I lived where they grow naturally, he already likes to climb trees….

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  17. Kristi

    my puppy just got a coconut and loves it he loosing his teth so the coconut helps his teeth and he wont let any one touch him or any thing!!!!

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  18. Carlee

    My border collie/cattle dog mix went crazy when I opened up a frozen coconut fruit bar. We always share our ice cream with her, but now I guess I’ll have to share the fruit bars.

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  19. Rebecca

    I just got home from work to find an empty bag of coconut flakes on my living room floor, hmmmm….someone visited the pantry today. Hopefully all these comments are correct & I’m not going to have a sick doggie all night. Thanks for the comments posted.

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  20. Jon

    Just got some dried coconut from Costco, Bo lit up when I opened the bag, and he loves it?

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  21. randy

    Gave each or my two one year old Siberian Huskies a coconut to play and chew on–at first they pounced on it, rolled it and eventually chewed it. Once I hammered it open, they spent two hours chewing and drinking it. They really loved it and were extremely possessive of the coconut pulp. Later that evening, both of them were running around and darting through the house like they were on stimulants. (Faster and aimlessly compared to their normal high energy nature.) In the wee hours of the morning, one of them started whining and had to be let outside atleast 3 times within one hour to defecate until eventually he didn’t want to come back in. Both of them spent 7 hours outside without chasing each other, digging, hopping the fence or pulling up bushes which is what normally occurs. Once they came back inside, they both fell asleep without touching their food or water.

    Does anyone know if coconuts have a sedative affect?

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  22. Murthy

    I give my Happy ground coconut meat and carrot mixed with boiled rice with two or three tbs of milk sprinkled on it daily. it loves it

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  23. Amber

    I dropped a few chunks of c

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  24. Amber

    I dropped a few chunks of coconut meat and my poodle ate them. He threw up every morning for a week, mostly clear bile. Today was different, it was an undigested piece. I hope he is better. I’m tired of worrying and cleaning up vomit.

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  25. yes

    I like to buy trail mix with shredded/dehydrated/sugared coconut slices in it and my dog loves to chew them up. She is such a beggar and it’s the only part of the trail mix I can share because it is mostly nuts and chocolate …

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  26. Richard P

    I used to live on Saipan, which is Guam’s superior neighbor to the North, and my dog learned how to husk coconuts and got to feast on the treats inside once he got them open! They actually sell a dog toy, a white bone shaped soft toy at Trader Joe’s that is filled with coconut fiber.

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  27. Tanya

    My Boston terrier loves coconut oil! I cook a lot with it and sometimes I spread some on his fur because it makes him soft and smells nice. He loves licking it off my hands when I’m done and I sometimes put it on top of his food. I haven’t tried any coconut chunks yet, but for reference I wouldn’t give sugared coconut to dogs because they don’t do well with sugar. At least if you do, just do a really small amount. I will have to find some coconut meat and see if he likes it!

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  28. Daniel

    I wanted to try and crack a coconut without the use of tools so i bought one and did it in the backyard and i realized how intensely my husky was staring at it. so i gave him some and he LOVES it. ate the whole thing and drank the milk

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  29. lisamariereeves

    my 4 and a half year old stafforshire bull terrier had his firsct coconut today, a full coconut.. it took him an hour to remove the husk and finally get into the flesh, he LOVED it!

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  30. Ro

    My little yorkie loves coconut. I just stated to drink coconut water with the pulp and he loves the pulp. Every time he sees me with a glass in my hand! he will sit next to me, so I can give him the pulp .He is so cute! I just wanted to know! is this going to hurt him! in anyway? He is 7 years old. Thank you.

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  31. Marie

    My 9 year old terrier mix was looking a bit bedraggled, and older, not her usual self… I started on a 80% raw food diet starting with fresh young raw coconut for breakfast, water and meat. I noticed it was as if my dog craved something in it, she went crazy over the water and coconut meat! after first case, 9 coconuts later, she looks great, has her energy back, hair is very
    soft, and seems to have found the fountain of youth again!!

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  32. Rachel

    I walked downtown (8km) today to grab a coffee with Star, my 10 lb Jack Russell cross with chihuahua and we stopped on a foot bridge to rest in the sun. I opened up a box of organic granola with raisins and coconut pieces and just impulsively handed the coconut pieces to her. Star loved the coconut pieces and wanted more and more. She loved the granola chunks too. 12 hours later she is not sick. I made sure she did not get any raisins but from now on I will make sure to get more coconut type treats for her. I hate coconut!

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  33. DanielT

    I live in Miami and I have a couple of Coconut Palms in my backyard……..My 2 Year old Siberian Husky loves Coconuts! I always let her play with the fallen coconuts on my yar,but one day, to my surprise she managed to peal the whole coconut, then crack ot open, than drink the milk and lastly she ate all of the meat, leaving the coconut clean on the inside. Ever since then, she spends hours in the backyard eating coconuts! I also save a lot of money in chew toys, since the coconuts are free! The funny thing is that I also have an 8 year old lab mix, but she doesn’t seem to care for the Coconuts. All in all, my Husky loves to eat coconuts as well as spend lots of time playing with them. Try it with your dog!

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  34. MJ Campbell

    I live in Thailand and have a large coconut tree in my yard, when they fall my Shepherd plays around with it, removes the husk and eventually cracks it open, no problems with his teeth, fur looks great, and he will even share half of it with his Retriever brother, they both love it and it gets rid of all the coconuts in my yard.

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  35. Dan

    I buy unsweetened dried coconut from Costco for my seven year old Beagel mix. It has a firm texture like beef jerky and is between 1/8 and1/4 inch thick. She loves it! I cant open the bag to get myself a snack without her running in after me looking for her fair share.

    Its a yummy treat that both my dog and I enjoy.

    Never has and ill effects or digestive issues.

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  36. Rachel

    My dog, kona, went nuts when I opened a coconut yesterday. I gave her a smallish piece of shell with meat attached and she worked on it all night. She preferred it over the new bone I had also brought home. She has had no side effects with digestion. She is a 9 month old weimaraner mix. since they are much cheaper than chew toys and bones I think she’ll be getting them once in awhile for a special treat.

    Ironically her name is Hawaiian 😉

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  37. Val

    Quiche loves fresh coconut! He can drink a full bowl in seconds. Loves the meat as well. We buy fresh coconut often and he just goes crazy when he sees or smells it.

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  38. Aimée

    Thank you so much for this info, while carving out coconut meat my dog was just going crazy for the smell, so I checked it out online found your site and thought what the heck, he ate it right up and is now playing with the shell!! It’s the cutest! He’s turning 3 this year and has that puppy playful behavior still. Thank you again!

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  39. Dell Lauren

    My shih-Tzu and I both love coconut. Not sure which one of us loves it the most. She barks when it’s her turn and wants more. Glad to know it is good for her. Thanks.

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  40. Kim

    Be sure to check all Costco dried fruits for Sugar. It is not written on the front of the packaging, just in the ingredients. I was eating dried, unsweetened coconut and my dog Ricky was giving me the old eyeball, you know, the “aren’t you gonna share that with me?” look. I thought he would lick it and then spit it out. He went nuts. I laid out a little pile for him. Wow! You’d have thought it was the best meat there is! My other dog, Lucy, also wanted some. She has been having problems with her skin, itching and such. I’m going to start putting some of the oil on her food. She is currently on antibiotics for an infection that may be causing the skin irritation. Hopefully with the addition of coconut oil, her system will heal faster and her skin won’t be so itchy.

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  41. Chris

    My Pit Mix loved coconuts! It was the only “toy” she could not destroy…..well, until she chewed/tooth poked through one of the eyes of the coconut. She would lick the coconut until it was smooth as silk, poke a hole in it with her tooth, then turn the coconut over until the water ran out of it, then she’d drink it. After awhile, though, the coconut would rot inside of the shell and I had to throw it away and get her another one. I didn’t really let her eat the coconut meat becuase it came out the same way it came in. I figured it was TOO fiberous!

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  42. Mitze

    My dog Mitze, a lhaso apso loves and wants just about anything I have to eat but dosnt always get it..
    But fresh coconut bearly gets out of the fridge and she is at my feet. Love love loves fresh coconut. I will have to see what she will do with a whole one it may be pretty funny since she isn’t a ball dog.

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  43. Mary

    I have 2 small dogs and as soon as they even smell coconut they go nuts!!! They love it!! I don’t give them alot of it but a little now and then seems to help their coat and it makes them happy.

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  44. Mima

    I have 2 adult boxer dogs, they absolutely love to eat fresh coconut

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  45. Oh-Lew-chee

    Yes! My dog eats coconuts and she love them. The time I had coconut i was at all. And it was good. And when we cut the coconut it was very delicious, and I get my dog some and now she can’t get enough of it.

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  46. Tracy Minich

    Had a case of coconut milk in the pantry (my lab who never touched anything on my shelf) kept getting the cans and desperately worked to get them to open. No matter what I did he continued to retrieve the cans and became quite sneaky about it. He finally broke into one and I opened and diluted with water and he was so excited and loved every lap of it. Glad to know I just have to worry about runny poo. Glad to read the comments and will be buying whole cocunuts. I think he will be thrilled with wholesome toy delishishness….

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  47. Darcy

    I have 3 Chihuahuas they go crazy for fresh coconut meat can’t get enough…what a great healthy snack, and protects against worms too! and we had no runny poo; )

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  48. Kathryn

    My dog – a 14 year old Scottie – has had an incurable case of Clostridium Perfrigens for the last 5 years! The enterotoxin in her intestines gives her industrial strength diarrhea. Almost like a wicked version doggie Crohn’s Disease! I bought some Archway Coconut Macaroon cookies one day, and somehow she got into the package and ended up having 2 of them – I’m amazed it was ONLY 2, but I could tell there were 2 missing. Next day, no running stools! After a little trial and error, she gets 2 cookies a day, and I have had better results from these than from 5 years of meds! No runny stools for my dog.

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  49. Patz

    My yorkie and I both like to start our day with a small dish each of shredded coconut. I buy bulk organic cocounut from the health food store. It’s cheap and I’ve noticed that I’ve seen no tape worms in his feces which used to be a problem. I’ve also noticed less stratching of late. I just have to make sure the coconut doesn’t have any added sugar as he gets very ill from sugar.

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  50. Cynthia K

    I have recently switched my horses over to Cool Stance (copra/ dried coconut meat). My dogs can’t wait to lick the buckets clean and I was concerned that it may be toxic. I am glad to know that it’s safe. I have actually had to decrease the amount of dog food (I feed grain free) that I give (just slightly) to compensate for the extra calories that they are consuming. I’m glad to hear that it may help reduce the incidence of worm eggs as that is always a struggle living on a horse farm.

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  51. Jim

    I figured if in an area where coconuts grew naturally that of course dogs would eat them.

    However, your article and information made the decision concrete and being ok.

    I half first thought to let her gnaw on the shell but thought would’ve cut her gums or something same as cut my hands the first time I opened one.. Lesson learned..

    Good info all around. Thank you.

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  52. frankie

    I live in the bahamas and my dogs love coconuts,when im enjoying a fresh coconut off the tree they dont rest until one is open for them

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  53. rsutton

    My puppy loves coconut. I had some out for a recipe and he went crazy. He is only 10 weeks old, but to me its a natural food, cant go wrong compared to what goes into some dog foods

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