Can Dogs Eat Celery?

Is it safe for your dog to eat Celery? Read more to find out.

Can dogs eat celery?Celery appears to be fine for dogs to eat. Most vegetables are. It’s good for your dog’s diet to feed your dog different kinds of vegetables every once in a while. So celery doesn’t appear harmful for dogs in most cases.

Lots of dogs love chewing on a stick of celery. Others are picky and don’t like them.

If you want to be extra careful, string the celery before feeding them since it may cause intestinal blockage due to some dog digestive problems.

Does your dog like celery? Let us know and leave a comment.

What do other dog owners have to say about whether their dogs can eat Celery or not? See comments below.

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  1. Brandy

    My German Shepherd loves it when I share my after workout snack with her. “Celery with peanut butter!” We have this snack about twice a week and it doesn’t hurt her at all.

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  2. Kristine

    My 5 dogs eat celery every day. I bake doggie cakes with celery in them in place of canned food.

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  3. Gonzo

    My Westie LOVES celery and carrots.

    When cooking is ongiong in the kitchen he will beg for them, or sit and growl until he gets a slice or chunk.

    When given a small piece he usually darts out of the kitchen then happily crunches away on it, with great enthusiasm…then comes back looking for more!

    He appears to enjoy some veggies. OK, for me, they’re fat free and he loves the crunchiness. We DO however give him only a small amount.

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  4. Gina

    I have a 4 month Rottweiler (purebred) and a 6 month old Boxer (mix)I give whole celery sticks to both of them & they love it I got the idea when I saw my Rottweiler eating the grass and MY plants, so I thought ok if she wants something green and leafy let me give her what I know won’t harm her. I took two stalks out of the fridge rinse them off and give it to them green leaves and all. I don’t put anything on it no cream cheese no dip nothing, (although you can I think then it becomes fatting and I was looking for a natural snack) this works perfect they love it I know add apples (cored) and whole carrots to there snack time. It keeps there teething teeth busy and I a not adding calories or artificial food to there diet, I will continue to give my dogs fresh vegetables & fruits as adults. Start your puppy eating nature food when they are young and this will be as tasty as a bone to them.

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  5. Rodney

    I have a diabetic mini schnauzer and he loves celery. I also have 3 other dogs who love their treats that he can’t have! So, it is a very good alternative at treat time!

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  6. Alison

    My miniature poodle loves celery; it is the ultimate treat for him. However, he is small, so I don’t give him too much in one setting.

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  7. Zeezee

    I have a rottweiler her name is Jazz and she cannot get enough of that green stick we call celery. The first time she had some she LOVED it! I love it too! So sometimes we would lounge about and enjoy our celery!

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  8. Rob

    Celery is a diuretic and therefore should not be given to dogs displaying signs of, or having confirmed cases of renal failure. In any event, even if your dog is healthy, have water on hand and limit the amount of celery you provide.

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  9. Lindsey

    I have two rabbits and a black lab. When I bring home leftover celery, carrots, and fennel from work (in a restaurant) all three of them beg like you’ve never seen! It almost becomes a battle to who can get to me first to steal the best bite. I’ve also seen the dog steal it from the first rabbit and then the second rabbit steal it from the first. One of the rabbit steals the dog food while the lab is eating so it all comes out in the wash anyway! The best was when I caught the lab stick her head in the rabbit cage and steal a couple carrots when she thought I wasn’t watching. Silly pets!

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  10. Cindy

    My Shepherd/Chow mix loves celery with peanut butter, too – partially, I think the taste, but she does love the crunch.

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  11. Ruthie

    My yorkie loves celery and veggies. I think he was secretly raised my bunnies

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  12. OTM-SCV

    We give our guy Carrots all the time (along with banana mashed up) We were going to give him celery but weren’t sure what you meant by removing the strings? Isn’t celery just the strings?

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  13. val

    my pug p-nut will eat any raw veggie that I have only I donot give him onions. He loves the core of the cabbage or even from a head of lettuce, he also enjoys celery. I think more than anything he enjoys the hard chewing and the coldness of the veggies.

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  14. Nicky

    My pit bull border collie loves celery she will eat a whole bundle if we would let her. I can’t keep her away from it, whether it’s plain, with peanut butter or even ranch she loves it

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  15. Jessica

    I just tried to give my dog celery and she doesn’t like it, I then tried to give it to my brothers dog, she didn’t like it either, then my mom’s small chihuahua just chewed on it but never ate it. But they love bananas and tomatoes.

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  16. Lexie

    My dachshund/jack russel loves celery

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  17. Sonia Horowitz

    TRUE STORY!!! My eleven month old son, Liam likes to chew on celery stalks to help with teething pain. I used to worry about him choking on the strings until I noticed a pattern forming. When the end of the celery he is chewing on stops being crunchy he holds it over the side of the high chair. He calls Yuri, our Siberian husky (Liam yells “wah!” and the dogs come running), Yuri proceeds to cleanly bite off the end of the celery and eat it and Liam goes back to chewing on the crunchy stalk. Neither of them have shown any signs of distress about this and it seems to be some sort of bonding ritual.

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  18. Camille

    My dog just loves eating celery he begs for it all the time… And he is perfectly fine!!

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  19. Noralee

    I have a shepherd mix that was eating grass without throwing up or any weird results. I didn’t like the holes in the lawn that it was making. I tried a couple of pieces of celery and I tried carrots and he loves them both. I appreciate the warning about celery being a diuretic. I only gave him a few pieces that had already been prepared for a party,so minus strings, and short pieces (4″). I’m glad to hear that both in moderation are good for him. :)

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  20. Bill

    Our Lab eats and enjoys more vegtables than me.

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  21. Laney

    My lab loves his veggies. It started with celery, then baby carrots, and now cabbage, snow peas and cauliflower. I think it’s the cold crunchieness he likes so I tried apples the other day. He loves them. Our Jack Russell, not so much, so there is no fighting over the “treats”!

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  22. Christine

    I have a 10month Chihuahua,and Starr loves celery and carrots this is some of her treats////

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  23. MCG

    My 4yo Wire Fox Terrier love Celery, I give him 1 stick once a day, and he’s fine, he loves it and haven’t see any issues.
    I used to give him some chesse but that did affect his stomach , so I change the chessee for celery and no more stomach problems.

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  24. maureen

    i have a cavalier king charles spanial who is addicted to celery, is this a common thing?

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  25. Emme

    My dachshund loves celery! And bc she does, my roommate’s dog decided it was a good idea too! I haven’t found that it causes any problems with them.

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  26. shirl

    Both my jack Russell dogs and my Rottweiler love it and up to now there have been no problems. They love raw carrots as well xx

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  27. BobbieTheGirl

    My poodle mx love his veggies (raw mostly) including celery! I do not de-string but cut into short pcs so no strings more than 1/2″.

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  28. Penedrop

    I have a teacup/toy Chihuahua and she loves celery. Although since she’s so little, I make sure I only give her the inside of the stalk and not the strings of the outside due to her being so young and little. She can’t get enough of it, she also likes it w or w/o peanut butter! I think she would eat it everyday if I let her.

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  29. brenda

    My dog just loves celery and carrots, his name is baby.He is a year and 4 months, short haired chawiawaia.

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  30. Pat

    I started feeding my mini schnauzers (2) when I was preparing a celery snack for me, saw “the boys” begging for food. I had the ends that I do not eat so I gave each of them a piece from the base of the celery. They both took off, ate it very quickly and now when I have my celery they are right there to get theirs, they love it.

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  31. Scarlett

    My yorkie loves to eat celery too – However, I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of a dog having an allergy to celery – I’ve been giving him celery almost daily over the past several weeks – Also, over the past several weeks, we’ve been dealing with more itching, scratching, and a red pimple-like skin rash around his groin, inner back legs, and ankles that is becoming increasingly more bothersome – He’s been on medication for a number of years for other allergies – He has allergies to mites, mold, grasses, and weeds – My vet has changed his allergy meds 2-3 times recently in an effort to get a handle on this new problem with itching and rash we’re now experiencing and nothing seems to be helping – He’s on hypoallergenic foods and treats, I washed and cleaned his bedding and room very good, I’ve changed detergents to “sensitive skin” types, bathe him weekly, etc – I am stopping the celery to see if his itching improves but was just wondering if anyone had ever heard of celery allergy in dogs. Thanks!

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  32. Lisa

    I have four dogs yesterday I tryed out celery I chopped it into bite size pieces and omg they just loved it so fun to hear them chew it. Mango was the most enthusiastic he is a little yorkie. They also like carrots. Gotta love your dogs when they eat healthy!!!!

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  33. Bob

    Be careful to only use organic celery, as conventionally grown celery will likely contain toxins from pesticides. Google “the dirty dozen foods.”

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  34. Peggy

    I have wire fox terrier mix who loves celery, asparagaus and green beans. He eats much healthier than I do!

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  35. rosie

    My golden retriever has numerous allergies including grass and weed. Instead of meds, I wash her paws with water, or water with vinegar every time she goes outside and walk on the grass. I also wash under her chin when she scratches. She loves salary but I am putting her on a sugar elimination diet, including apples and other sweet fruits.Her ear infections have improved a lot.

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  36. Skitzo5150

    My dog took the stick of celery after dancing for it and ran with it and hid to eat it like it was the best dog treat ever.

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