Can Dogs Eat Carrots?

Is it safe for your dog to eat Carrots? Read more to find out.

can-dogs-eat-carrotsDogs can eat carrots! Dogs are omnivores, and eating vegetables are safe for dogs to eat (in moderation). Feed them raw for them to chew or cooked as a treat.

In fact it’s a good idea to include fresh vegetables into your dogs diet. Dogs should eat a variety of different things, including vegetables like carrots – in moderation of course. Many dog food even include carrots as one of their ingredients. Raw carrots are used as fillers and for vitamins in commercial dog food, and cooked carrots can be found in gourmet dog treats as well as in homemade dog food recipes.

Some dogs are picky and won’t eat them, but many dogs just love to eat carrots. They especially enjoy chewing on them, which can be good for their teeth as it removes plaque. Does your dog like eating carrots? Let us know in the comments.

What do other dog owners have to say about whether their dogs can eat Carrots or not? See comments below.

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  1. Heidi

    My chihuahua (12 weeks old) loves carrots!!! Mini carrots that you would find in salads :)

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  2. AK

    My dogs LOOOOVE carrots. When I peel carrots for recipes, I save all the shaving and give them to the dogs as treats. Or I’ll snap a large carrot in half and give the thicker end to my big dog and the smaller end to my little dog. Even when I give them a small piece of meat or a dog treat, they eat the carrots first. It’s so cute to watch them gnaw on veggies!

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  3. Chuck

    My MinPin who is 10 months old loves carrots. We wil sit on the floor watching T.V sharing mini carrots.

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  4. Julia

    my choco lab pup, Maui is 8 mos. She loves carrots..soft baby carrots. I love that she can have my food and hers as well…I don’t over do it though..I prefer she stay mostly on her pUrina Pro diet…but she is always hungry..I’ll mash rice and cooked I love she can have asparagus…yogurt as well and cottage cheese…always introduce a little bit… ie: tsp of yogurt….cottage cheese…etc..

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  5. Kristine

    My dogs love carrots. I feed them raw pieces as well as carrots that are cooked in doggie cakes I make for them in place of canned dog food.

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  6. sarah

    my dogs ( jack russel and a spanial mix)
    love carrots

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  7. Rhet

    Carrots are especially good to feed to puppies that are teething. Freeze a large carrot and let the puppy chew on it. The cold can help sooth the gums.

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  8. J.D.

    my daschund of 4 1/2 years old loves grated carrots and enjoys a little snack of them every day, his teeth look better and I give them to him instead of store bought snacks. thanks

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  9. Rose

    I have a poodle, he will be 4 years in December 11,
    he Loves carrots. (But he eat pretty much every thing).

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  10. Seth

    My Australian Cattle Dog will do ANYTHING, VERY enthusiastically, for a carrot! Has anyone heard the (I’ll call it a rumor because I don’t know if it is true) that the baby carrot are covered in chlorine, and that is why they are slightly white in color? IF true how bad is that for my boy “Tucker” and can it be rinsed off with plain water or should I just buy different carrots?

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  11. Gina

    I have a 4 month Rottweiler (purebred) and a 6 month old Boxer (mix)I give whole carrots un-cooked sticks to both of them- They love it! I cut root peice off & rinse them off I do not peal them or put anything no dip- (nothing
    Today I also add apples(cored)& whole celery leafs to there snack time. It keeps there teething teeth busy and I a not adding calories or artificial food to there diet, I will continue to give my dogs fresh vegetables & fruits as adults. Start your puppy eating nature food when they are young and this will be as tasty as a bone is to them.

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  12. Gina

    I give whole carrots un-cooked sticks to my Rottweiller & my Boxer They love it! I cut root peice off & rinse them off I do not peal them or put anything no dip- (nothing
    Today I also add apples(cored)& whole celery leafs to there snack time. It keeps there teething teeth busy and I a not adding calories or artificial food to there diet, I will continue to give my dogs fresh vegetables & fruits as adults. Start your puppy eating nature food when they are young and this will be as tasty as a bone is to them.

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  13. Lion

    My Schnauzer started eating carrots since he was a baby at 6 weeks old. I cut them in cubes to go with his dry food, he just love it, and he will be real happy to get a baby carrot treat, and I love the crunchy sound that comes out when he munch of the carrots. Other than that, he also eat delicious red washington apple, brocolli stem, cabbage, quinche, and zulchini.

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  14. Norm

    I give my dog , (A bichon frise) carrots very often , I keep the chunks small, and don’t over due it in quantity,he loves them, and they dont seem to have any negative effects, with him anyway.

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  15. Heidi Diegelman

    I have a Great Dane/Chessie mix who LOVES to eat whole carrots the same way he eats milk bones. He loves to chew on them, and I love how clean his teeth look when he’s done! They’re a great alternative to processed dog treats, and low calorie, too. The only concern is that if he gets too much fiber it could lead to bloat, so we limit how much he gets. The other two dogs also enjoy carrots, but they’re smaller so they get baby carrots.
    They also love apples (cored, of course, since the seeds are toxic!), broccoli, and sweet potatoes!

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  16. Tuwana

    My Westie (Maddi) loves carrots!! Baby carrots of course (cleaned and peeled).

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  17. Rachel

    My 5 month old pug loves carrots! Growing up all the dogs I have been raised with loves them….it gives them something to chew on for the moment and doesn’t have any nasty consquences

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  18. Helen

    My American Bull dog love raw carrots. I give him a carrot instead of the milk bones or dog treats.

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  19. Karen

    We have a ten year old beagle that loves carrots, green peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, celery, cucumbers…almost any veggie. He was recently diagnosed with diabetes, and the vet said to keep the carrots to a minimum due to the sugar content.

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  20. Kevin

    Hi, I have a Newfoundland puppy who is six months old and he hoovers his food up instantly and then goes into the garden and eats tiny stones and soil.
    I have started slicing a carrot into his feeds and it has worked a treat. He has to take his time and it also serves to fill him so he now eats more “normally” and has just about stopped eating the garden.

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  21. mlymel44

    Our Beagle pup loves carrots. We used to give the small tiny ones for snacks or rewards. But since I started to steam and blend the carrots, he prefers it like this now.

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  22. Ora Rhyne

    There is no listing for green beans, green peas, spinich, or brocolli? I would like to know, Thanks so much!

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  23. Ni'la's Mom

    My little 12 week ShiTzu loves eating mini carrots and cooked carrots as a treat!

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  24. MDW

    My Rottie/Lab loves fresh outta the garden carrots. We grow using organic methods that are safe for pets so there is no risk of him getting anything bad. He loves them!

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  25. Mary

    My Black Lab LOVES carrots!

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  26. I M W

    My dogs love raw carrots. Siice they have been eating them on a daily basis, their teeth look whiter and I haven’t had the recurring tape worm problem I have had in the past (I live next to a ranch and have had a recurring worm problem since moving here 3 years ago.

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  27. Tracey Potter

    my dogs love carrots when ever i have a carrot they beg for some its so funny the way they chew it though

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  28. Areej

    My bichon Jack, LOVES carrots. I have started replacing store bought, filler treats with carrots and he couldn’t be happier! And it’s good for him, definately a win/win.

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  29. Matthew v

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  30. Layla

    I have two 25lb pugs and they love those baby carrots! I usually steam it for them as a treat. My only concern is the sugar content is like 5g of sugar, that’s a lot of sugar, is it still okay to feed the dogs?

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  31. Star

    My dog adores a good chew on a carrot. His teeth are great for his age too. I substitute biscuits on occasion for a carrot – it’s healthy ans makes a change for him.

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  32. W

    Our dog loves carrots, she just ate a whole raw carrot.

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  33. Ronda

    My mini doxies love the mini carrot washed and raw how many can they have a day?They eat Innova and love it

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  34. Greg

    We have a vegetable garden and our Cava Lhasa loves raw carrots and grean beans. thanks for the info

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  35. Wade

    Any time I go to the garden my dog follows and sits at the side with carrots. When I pick them he takes the whole carrot bites the root end off eats the carrot to the green top and spits the top out just like we would do. He’s crazy for carrots.

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  36. Ashley

    My 4 year old pitbull Blaze loves carrots when ever I eat them he is right there waiting for his. he loves them raw.

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  37. Teresa Lacok

    my 8 mont old shitzu freaks out over raw carrots. He also likes lettuce. tomatoes and cucumbers. My Vet told me a no no is cabbage, so everyone no cabbage. Pity on this site we cant post a pic of our doggies :-)

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  38. Mary Ann

    My Welsh Terrier, 8 months, just had a carrot I gave her as a snack today. I was making a salad and had a carrot left over so I tried it. Cut it into four smaller pieces and put it into her dish and she came and got each piece and chowed them down. I have to think this is better for her as a chew rather than stuff sold in stores. Those raw hide chews are not too appetizing looking.

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  39. Helen

    I have a rough collie ( 3 years old) who needed to lose quite a lot of weight. I put her on diet dry dog food and she lost quite a lot of weight until recently. I needed to find something else to fill her up so started by grating a little carrot into her food. She now eats a piece of carrot after her food and it has served as a good distraction and saves her whining by her bowl and wanting more dog bsicuit. It has also helped clean her teeth as she is fussy about other treats and will not touch those designed to keep her gums and teeth healthy. Another major benefit is that they are a lot cheaper than treats .

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  40. karl

    My 16 week old akita, will eat pretty much anything, grass, dirt leaves, wood, just gave him a carrot to stop him eating the shed, seems to be working.

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  41. GinaG

    My one small terrier LOVES carrots. My other terrier mix not so much, but she will eat them. I always feed them ORGANICALLY Grown because carrots are one of the top 12 most-pesticide ridden vegetables of all!! So please be careful …

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  42. Megan

    my dachshund puppy (6 weeks) bites everything, so i gave him a baby carrot broken in half, and he LOVED it! also to Teresa who posted above me.. i’ve been told not to give dogs tomatoes.. and to even stay away from tomatoe sauces (like spaghetti etc). just a head’s up. i’ll ask the vet when i take my puppy in for his shots.

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  43. Jenn

    My pitbull/lab loves carrots. I cut of the back of the carrot and give him the whole thing to eat. It’s much better than giving him the dig bones or a pigs ear.

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  44. Thuy

    My Dotson Capri 6 years old love to eat any kind of vegetables but I just gave her Carrot and Apple becasue I afraid she got sick. if she eat a meddium amount of Carrot she got sick and throw up and had diarrhea. Since that was happening I gave her the small amount of Carrot and apple (need to peel the skin off) otherwise she got choking.

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  45. Kathy Winner

    I have 2 Dogs, I loves carrots the other potatos.

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  46. June

    I accidently dropped a baby carrot on the floor and my shitzu ate it. She loved it so now I give it to all my dogs as a treat. I love knowing I can give them such a healthy treat.

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  47. w153r

    My dog loves cucumber and carrots.

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  48. James

    I have inherited the responsibility of cooking since my wife had both knees replaced. I cook for only she and I. I decided to include diced carrots for dinner. Not knowing I made three cans!!!!! I looked on this site to see if dogs can eat carrots. I am happy to report, Bubbles a mixed Jack Russell loved them. She loved the idea that they were warm…. Good thing, otherwise we would have had carrots for a month. Thanks for your info.

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  49. BuddhaJane

    My chihuahua, Zoi, loves carrots! He is still teething and i prefer to give him carrots than a stick to bite on.

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  50. Carolyn

    My Alflred loves carrots they are his best trets.

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  51. Jorge

    My two nine year old labs, Hueso and Porsha, love baby carrots. At first they didn’t know how to chew on them and they would slip out of their mouths. It was hilarious. Now they beg for them.

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  52. cice

    I have a pit & g shepard. Every morn they sit at my fridge waiting For their carrots.

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  53. Eddie

    My 10 month old German Wirehair loves baby carrots! I use them as special treats while training him. Our other terrior also loves to chew on broccoli stalks

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  54. AimeeR

    If you are wondering if carrots for dogs you should know that they are one of the most nutrient rich veggie that you can give to your dog. Mine get carrots with every meal and they love it too :)

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  55. JoAnn

    Boogie and Bella love carrots, apples, and strawberries!!

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  56. Katherine

    My dog max loves carrots and he will do anything for them. When he hear a bag he thinks it is a carrot and comes running to me.

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  57. Brian

    We have a 14 week boxer that she loves carrots. We give her a baby carrot she she is good in the house and when she sits for us

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  58. David

    My staff just ate a carrot and she loved it, im gonna start giving her carrots=)

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  59. Gloria Bone

    I was just shredding a baby carrot for my new box turtle and my two Chihuahuas ABIGAIL & EARTH QUAKE acted like they wanted some carrots…I thought they wouldn’t eat it…I gave them each half of a baby carrot and to my surprise,they BOTH love carrots… I’m glad to know that I can now use them for treats…THANK YOU EVERYONE !!!! ( I read all of your comments ) GLORIA :)

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  60. Mary

    My dog named Daisy she is a rat terrer and loves eating carrots. I use them as treats or snakes. It has come to that she asks for them. When she wants some she will get my attention and go to the kitchen t and scrach at the refrigrator. When I open it she points with her nose to the carrots thatI keep on the bottom shelf. She also like bell peppers all colors, too.

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  61. ElizabethA

    My 8 month old Basset Hound loves them!
    Carrot’s are his favorite treat!

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  62. toshanik

    A week ago I started giving my min pin carrots and he just loves them. He has been over weight so I thought this would make a good snack for him. He really like to eat a lot and always begging.

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  63. Simone

    I have 3.5 month old pug dog” Buddy”. He loves baby carrots. He is teething right now and he is looking for something to chew on. Chewing baby carrots keep him busy for a little while and away from biting us :-) I also use them for training. Within couple of days he learned how to seat down Yaaay .

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  64. Rosco Biggums

    Yep! The Biggums LOVES carrots. Just gave him his first one and he is a happy boy! He chewed on it for a while, breaking it into small pieces. Then, he went back and ate each of the pieces. He will be getting carrots instead of stinky bully sticks from now on…

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  65. Zoey K

    My dog Reese.. Loves carrots, and he is cute

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  66. Michael

    My 15 year old Westie-poo LOVES carrots!

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  67. Pam

    My lab Utah, 3 months pulls the carrots out of my garden to snack on.

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  68. pat homans

    My 92.6 lbs Husky/sharpie mix loves raw carrots, I buy the regular carrots and cut them to size, she gets several a day and just loves them but I also give her probiotics and enzymes to break her food down, I think that helps, she also loves brusselsprouts and broccoli specially the stalks of the broccoli so when I buy fresh broccoli, I take the stalks of and give her one a day but carrots are her favorites, she also likes plain salad, she is a vegetable girl

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  69. Tina

    My dog Cali LOVES carrots. When I go the the fridge she comes a running for her carrot. Our dog Rasin(who passed a few years a go) would eat any veggies except peas. I would steam mixed veggies and put them in her bowl, she would eat all the veggies and place all the peas on the floor next to her bowl.

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