Can Dogs Eat Bananas?

Is it safe for your dog to eat Bananas? Read more to find out.

can-dogs-eat-bananasBananas are fine for dogs to eat. Dogs are omnivores, and most fruits are safe for dogs to eat (except grapes). Bananas are a good source for vitamin K, potassium, and other vitamins and minerals. Large quantities may cause stool problems however and is not recommended.

What do other dog owners have to say about whether their dogs can eat Bananas or not? See comments below.

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  1. jenny

    my dog luvs to eat bananas! even the peel lol

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  2. cindy

    My dog, black lab, loves bananas,carrots,apples,cucumbers,blueberries. she has to have a banana and cucumber every night

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  3. cindy

    my dog luvs banana, she has one every night along w/a cumcumber, she also likes watermelon.

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  4. Andrew

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  5. Julia

    They are fine and safe to give a dog however they are a required taste … some love them others stick their nose in the air and walk off.

    Fruit and veg are fine to give dogs – except grapes as this can effect dogs and become fatal although not all dogs have the same reaction to them.
    Onions – can cause anaemia

    My dogs all eat the BARF/RMB diet so are used to eating fruit and veg all be it grated by a food processor. Mixed with meat, egg, yoghurt etc some days they love it.

    Dogs prefer cabbage cooked to raw, mind but veggies and fruit are fantastic additional nutrients for the dog plus carrots are far healthier than biscuits esp for over weight pets.

    Hope this helps

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  6. Sampsonsdad

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  7. mlymel44

    Our beagle pup loves bananas!!! I actually started to cut down on the organic treats we buy from the store as he started not to eat his Taste of the Wild dog food. In order to give it more taste, I blended up some bananas and he eats it every time. I started to blend carrots and sweet potato too for him to mix with his food. But the bananas, i cut and freeze for treats. He hearts it!!!!

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  8. goldilockscottage

    Thanks so much for the info!!! Good thing it’s OK to give my Bear banana’s, he LOVES them!!!

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  9. anonymous

    My dog took a chunk of my banana without me looking.

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  10. roger rabbit

    our pug usually loves banana either fresh or dried. i have on good knowledge that feeding dogs bananas stops them from eating feces. ours has not ever eaten poop since we have been giving him bananas. how about it? myth or reality?

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  11. alicia

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  12. Rachael

    I was researching natural sources of B vitamins for my dogs and found an article that mentioned Bananas as a source for B.

    I just happened to be eating a banana and gave a few tiny pieces to one of my dogs – he ate willingly.

    Part of researching for years now is finding a list of safe vegetables and fruits and those that are dangerous to dogs. I’m glad to say Bananas are not on any of the dangerous lists that I have found.

    Too many vitamins (whether multi or specific to a type) contain confusing amounts of other products. Human grade vitamins can be dangerous and contain ingredients that could be dangerous to our pets. Lets face it, our pets don’t get the same quality vitamins or regulators demanding better.

    As pet owners we are faced with the difficult challenges of finding and providing the best for our beloved four legged friends.

    I’m very happy to have found this website and to share.

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  13. Kate

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  14. Birdie

    My 10 months old golden retriever loves bananas. But only if they are not too old. If there are any dots on the banana she won’t eat them. I guess she picked that up from my husband, he does the same thing. Until now she has never had a problem with them, and they are a very good healthy treat!

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  15. devin

    Great to find out bananas are good for dogs. I have 2 dogs; one loves em and one is still on the fence about them. I was most curious to know because my kids sometimes drop bananas and the dogs walk around eating whatever is dropped.

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  16. Angie

    The Dog Whisperer gives dogs bananas, so if it’s good enough for him…
    I just wanted other thoughts on the matter. It’s my nature!

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  17. Debby

    My dogs also like banana chips which make a nice snack. I buy them at the farmers market

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  18. Steve Overby

    I have an English Mastiff Puppy who loves banana’s,carrots and apples but how many banana’s a day should they eat safely

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  19. Angela

    My dog ate half of a banana right now ! She eats anything she sees ! She loves eating human food ! Shes still begging for more ! I gave her a very little quantity ! My dogs name is nala shes a corgi mixed with a nova scotia retriever ! I <3 her & love to make her happy ! Thanks for posting this !

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  20. Lola

    Hey my dog is named Nala too. I have 4 min pins and they love anything we give them

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  21. Megz11

    My dogs love bananas! One tip is: in warm, hot weather put the banana in the freezer, after about a couple of hours take out the banana and give to ur dog!(or urself or ur kids) frozen bananas taste just like banana ice cream and will cool u or ur pet down. Yum!

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  22. Pat

    We are fostering a GS who is on antibiotics (large capsule). Getting this down her is a challenge…thanks
    for this web site because now we will try putting it in
    a piece of banana.

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  23. pitbullreyes

    yes bananas have a good source of protein and vitamins that will help your dog develope beautifully. i give it to my pitbull he loves them and it looks like hes packing on some more muscle

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  24. Livefree1200cc

    Glad I stopped by here – my dog is always begging for everything I eat – I am so glad he didn’t want the grapes I offered once he had them – bad for dogs. I lowered a banana to him feeling sure he would stick his nose in the air and he chomped off a big chunk of it! He loves them. I would be willing to bet that it would be wise to limit how much you give them though, a few pieces a day – new foods tend to make them puke all over the place if they eat too much

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  25. Mike

    This is a great forum. My boxer likes bananas, too. It’s good to know they are healthy for him, I agree with most, limiting the amounts of banana will help keep his digestive system from causing vomiting or runny poop.

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  26. rinisha

    I have a two year old Yorkie that I have been giving bananas to since she was 7 months old and she has never had a problem with them. I also provide her with carrots,cucumbers, watermelon, cabbage,broccoli and cauliflower. I was surprise to find out how many people think of dogs as carnivores and not omnivores.

    My aunt almost had a fit when she walked in and seen me feeding my “Truffles” and her big pit bull carrots. She only fed him meat. LOL.

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  27. Carm

    PLEASE BE AWARE ! My beautiful 6 year old Golden/Collie died of a severe heart attack. She was pretty healthy except she had a mild heart mur-mur. I gave her a half a banana every day. The excess potassium may have caused a Heart Arrhythmia(hyperkalemia) that made her heart flutter instead of beat which stops the blood flow and kills imediately. Do not give your dogs bananas every day, once or twice a week only and never if they have heart issues. Always do research before giving human food to your pets or just avoid it alltogether. I cry every day because I miss my best friend so much.

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  28. French Bull Dog Mom

    I give my pooch a banana at least 3/4 times a week.
    Because she’s an inside dog, I feel she doesn’t have much movement and don’t want her to get constipated!
    So I thought that it might be good for her bowel moments, she gets it before her meal- she loooves them!

    She already knows the word Banana & gets so- happy :)
    She goes bananas over Bananas- LOL…

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  29. Cindy

    I was eating one this morning and our Black Lab would not leave me alone she was begging and she rarely does that even with meat ? So typed in a quick search to see if it was safe and she just gobbled up 1/8 of my breakfast she loved it a new treat I guess Thanks

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  30. Flyingk

    Bananas are a tasty and nutritious treat for dogs.
    Good for balancing electrolytes in very active dogs.
    Also helps all dogs sleep deeper which is a good thing.
    If your dog is a picky eater put banana slices on their normal food (as if you were putting them on your morning cereal), it will get them started. I have found no better way of giving my dogs a pill than to press it into a thick slice of banana. Have some yourself while your at it…BANANAS NOT PILLS!!

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  31. brenda

    my dogs love when i make them Banana, Peanut Butter Smoothies

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  32. Paula

    I was eating a banana this morning when my new puppy was all over me wanting my banana. I also typed in a quick search to see if bananas were safe for her, she didn’t like it as much as she thought she would.

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  33. richie

    My dog Jessy loves all fruit and veg her favourite is bananas and carrots gives her loads of energy too

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  34. Samantha

    I have two dogs, one is a black chihuahua mix and the other is a jack Russell terrier mixed with a chihuahua. My black chihuahua is about 6 years old already and she took a little nibble but decided bananas weren’t for her. My other dog however, is about 3 years old and he loves bananas! I guess it’s a personal preference dogs aquire (:

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  35. Ollie The Goldador

    My dog doesn’t really care for bananas. Once in a while I will let him have some of my food. Everybody should know not to feed dogs grapes, or apple seeds. They act like poison to the dogs. And if anybody ever wants to feed a dog human food search it first. It may be toxic to the dog. Don’t want any dog deaths.

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