Can Dogs Eat Asparagus?

Is it safe for your dog to eat Asparagus? Read more to find out.

Dogs can safely eat asparagus. You can give them fresh stalks or cook them steamed or blanched. Dogs are omnivores and serving them most green vegetables is fine. Asparagus is a good source of vitamins including vitamin B folate, vitamin A, vitamin C, and fiber.

Note: Some dog owners have reported that feeding asparagus can cause bad odors in their dog’s gas or urine.


What do other dog owners have to say about whether their dogs can eat Asparagus or not? See comments below.

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  1. irene

    my dog has cancer and he gets 2 cans asparagus speras a day,it sopouse to fight cancer, a lot of people dont know whats in dogfood amd i didnt know either until i start doing resarch because of my dogs diagnosis, i used a very good dogfood akana, but i got chills when i found out that schelters surender the carvasa to companies who make dogfood,and animals with all kind of diseases are used in our pets food , that is very sick and sad u try to do ur best for ur pet and u actually kill them, just like they want u to vacinate ur pet but it gives them cancer, sick or cancerf dogs cant not even have vaccines but unless u know, they just do what they want to us, sad world oh yes also the bad smell comes from detoxing there body u can actually drink the juice from asparagus to cleanse or rather detox ur body

  2. Sarah

    My chihuahua mix loves all veggies. We steam fresh asparagus, but he likes the skin that I peel off at the bottom off the stalk. It looks like grass shreds and he eats it like it’s meat.

  3. florent

    i give my dog asparagus, string beans, brocoli, and all the greens that are good for her. she’s very healthy and she loves it.

  4. Candace

    I make my own dog food following a basic recipe and then add in whatever vegetables I have on hand. The last time I added asparagus. My big shepherd mix mutt was absolutely fine with it and loved it but my Welsh Corgi got sick (finally figured out what was causing his loss of appetite and diarrhea). I guess it depends on the individual dog as to how well it will be tolerated. At least now I know better!

  5. Luna Nordstrom

    Our lab mix puppy just ate an entire stalk of asparagus–growing in the yard!–down to the ground. I came here to see if it was bad for her, but looks like she’ll be okay! Sad for us if we don’t find the rest first!

  6. Staci Hiuett

    My dog CANNOT eat asparagus. Diarrhea and vomiting after ingesting one spear! I had another dog that absolutely loved it.

  7. Ray

    I saw my dog eating grass, and throwing up. I found this site. I gave my dog raw asparagus. She likes it so much. She has no problems with it. Now I will have to wait and see how it affects her system.

  8. susan brown

    I steam my Asparagus and then save the water….My dogs Jester and Kash L O V E Asparagus….I give them the water after it cools. Vitamins Baby Cakes 🙂 Vitamins mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmYUMM!

  9. susan brown

    I feed my dogs all sorts of veggies…They LOVE asparagus…save the water if you boil or steam. Mine love the (cooled off) water it was cooked in. Vitamins baby cakes!

  10. Liza G. Fly

    Thank you! I needed to know if asparagus is safe for dogs since it has high anticarcinogen properties. I cook for my dogs and will be replacing their regular greens with asparagas since my senior is developing tumors. The reason urine smells after you eat asparagus is due to its detoxing liver and urinary tract. Good for disslovong stones too is what my research has found. I’m also feeding tumeric for the tumors.

  11. Liza G. Fly

    Kidney….i meant kidney not liver!

  12. Cosmo

    Give them balanced zucchini, broccoli and asparagus. They will enjoy it

  13. Cosmo

    I wouldn’t give a diabetic dog asparagus. He may pee more often. With diabetes, they pee enough, when out of control. But a little won’t hurt.

  14. Kale

    My dog Winifred LOVES asparagus!!!!!! I hand feed it to her because I love her so much!! 🙂 🙂

  15. Denise

    I have been giving my Pomeranian asparagus, about 2 stalks per day a few times a week for a couple of months. I noticed that her tears are less and her tear stains are going away. I never feed her dog food. She loves asparagus like a treat and has no problem digesting it. I tried to google the subject to see if there are proven results of asparagus neutralizing the urine but only found this sight. Wondering if anyone knows if there is evidence of this benefit.

  16. Shai

    Had already been giving my beagle potatoes, broccoli and carrots (with a pet nutritionist’s input of course).
    Will now include asparagus!

  17. Anne

    Many dogs love greens. We run a dog rescue and here in the high desert there is not much they can forage for so we feed them asparagus, peas, cooked green beans in with their kibble. My personal dog Zen, a Great Pyrenees, loves the Buddha plate. He guards his stalks of Romaine lettuce while he dines, and for a snack, we often share a can of asparagus.
    Re: comments on dog food ingredients. We don’t feed canned dog food unless it is human grade ingredients. This eliminates the chance that the meat source is from a rendering plant. Research the internet to see which companies use only human grade ingredients.

  18. Gerri

    My rather large miniature pincher go sick on asaragus. He thre up and had diarreaha.

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