Can Dogs Eat Apples?

Is it safe for your dog to eat Apples? Read more to find out.

can-dogs-eat-applesDogs can eat apples. You can chop them, peel them, or core them. Just make sure that your dog does not eat the seeds or the stems since they may be toxic in large amounts. Feeding a whole apple is not a good idea for this reason. The rest of the apple is safe for dogs to eat.

What do other dog owners have to say about whether their dogs can eat Apples or not? See comments below.

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  1. AK

    I give my dogs apples all the time and they love them! I have noticed they like sweeter apples much more. Never had a problem with them; one of my dogs has some sensitive digestive issues, but she tolerates the apples well.

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  2. Diana Crowder

    Our dog loves all types of fruit. Since strawberries have come into season, it is hard for us to eat and not share with her.

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  3. debi houser

    We have several apples trees in and around our yard…When the dogs are out, they are constantly eating the apples. I honestly don’t know if they eat the entire apple, or if they eat around the core and stem. They will eat anywhere from 6 – 12/ day, EACH! What are the signs that I should look for that they are possible being poisoned by the seeds?

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  4. Julia

    Dogs love apples, and they are good for them however 6-12 per day could lead to bloat… apples readily ferment (hence production of cider)

    Check for distended stomach, loose stools, restlessness and some may foam at the mouth. Any of these symptoms contact vet immediately.

    However some dogs are real ‘garbage guts’ and even if things aren’t very good for them or they eat things in quantity they seem to be fine on it. Others are more sensitive judge your dog yourself and if things aren’t right call the vet.

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  5. Natalee

    My little mini-doxie will eat just about anything….that’s why we call him “old iron gut.” He even ate a few grapes before I found out they could be dangerous to dogs and had no problems. I’ll try a few apple pieces to see how he tolerates them. Thanks.

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  6. Crimson

    One day our little Shitzu had the runs and a very bad fever. It got so bad that when he pooped, blood would come out in a sloppy bloody mess. We were so worried and we rushed him to the vet to see if he had been poisoned. “He just has a typical virus,he needs to rest” said the vet. We asked if we could give him anything and she said maybe little amount of not too sweet fruit except grapes. When we got home we gave him maybe 1/4 of a chopped up peeled apple. he like the treat and at it all very quickly. Winced he like it we continued to give the amount every day for one week. As the apples were given, his poop hardened, the loss of blood reduced to none, he had more energy, and his appetite was back up and running. I really think a bit of apple a day keeps the virus at bay!

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  7. Heather

    I have been giving my maltese puppy, Koko, a baby carrot every day to help sooth her teething…but today I was out so I gave her a piece of cold apple, and it was a hit. I like carrots, but it was really nice to share an apple with her…we both enjoyed it.

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  8. mlymel44

    Our beagle pup loves apples…. but we’ve been warned that it can contain more sugar than most other fruits so to keep in mind moderation. So we may give him one chopped piece or two per day when we have apples. We did notice when we gave him more than that, he would seem even more hyper and energetic.

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  9. Berksgal

    Our GS puppy, Snow, enjoys both apples and carrots. Our old Dobbie lived to the age of 14 and enjoyed them too,

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  10. Bonnie

    This site really helped me! Thank you! I have a rottie and she is an old lady, she had surgery on both of her back legs a few years ago and tends to gain weight very easily, even with a steady diet, restricted treats and frequent exercise.. She has to take a Dasuquin tablet each day to keep the pain and stiffness at bay.She also tends to want to be lazy and lay around because of the pain, and I dont blame her! I was worried that some foods might not be good to mix with her meds, but decided to try apple and carrot. I started out giving her very little and monitoring closely. It worked like a charm! Now she gets 2 baby carrots a day and later on she gets 3 apple slices. She loves the crunchy sweetness of both and I am glad to report that it keeps her bowels very regular and healthy, it gives her a little extra boost of energy to do her exercise which in turn keeps the weight down and puts less sress on her legs. I highly reccomend anyone with a dog to at least try a little and pay close attention to the effects, because dogs love it and feel extra special that you are sharing your treat with them!

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  11. baxter

    my do plays wih apples like a ball she’s weird like that.

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  12. baxter

    My dog plays with apples like balls, she’s weird like that.

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  13. Jillian

    My pomeranian loves fruit! We give her watermelon, apples, peaches but not a lot of it

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  14. Dmitcha

    @Bonnie, my little one had a fractured hip in June, and he was still limping during our 4th of July trip. I took him to a ranch vet in TX, and she gave him a chewable called phycox. He was running around after two days of the “treats.” I just got them for cheap on Amazon and found a ton of comments with other stories. My dog is 12, and I am grateful to see him bounce about again.

    Meanwhile, I originally clicked to add that he has always loved peeled apple wedges, and there is nothing cuter than his face and the sound as he munches – which he is doing right now thanks to my morning fruit cup!

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  15. Hbrooke

    My Mini Doxie just loves them! If he sees you eating one he barks until you give in.

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  16. Charity

    Apples also helps to ease bad breath in dogs.

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  17. Moe

    My pug was obese and upon the advice of out vet, we eliminated all biscuits cut back his dry food by a half a cup a day and supplement the evening meal with salt free canned beans, carrots for snacks, and every night we share an apple. Our favorite apple is the Honey Crisp. Yummy just finished munching the apple and now it is play time. And did I mention, my little black pug is now 8 years old, and 10 pounds lighter? His teeth are perfect and he has wonderful breath. I eat the skin and he gets the slices. I highly recommend this diet to anyone who has a dos that has a tendency to put on the pounds.

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  18. Homiebaby

    Of three pugs we have, 2 love apples. Every day I split an apple between the 2 of them. I peel the apple first and remove the core and seeds. Both were overweight so we had to cut out treats. They also get baby carrots. Both my babies have lost weight and are more active. The vet said we should keep doing this.. One thing, though, do not give your doggies grapes- the seeds somehow get into the tiny tubules of the kidneys and can cause kidney failure.

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  19. roslyn

    My lab mix, Skye, rarely eats apples. When i was ckeaning ut the pantry i found some apples. I was feeding my dogs all the junk. I threw them bites of apples. Max, shepherd mix, didnt seem to like it. But skye gobbled it down!!!!! She then wouldnt leave me alone. I saw other people post carrots. Skye eats them by the bag full! Max preffers bananas, is that healthy???? He eats the peels and everything nothings strange about him except for his CRAZINESS!!!

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  20. Jenny

    My Toy Poodle ‘likes’ apples, but doesn’t ‘love’ them. I’m eating a green apple right now, and he would only sniff it, turn and walk away. His favorite human treat is cheese, and he would look at you with big puppy eyes until you give in…
    But about apples, my dog would only eat the sweet and juicy ones :)

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  21. Kari

    We had a weight problem with our Bouvier/ Standard Poodle Cross. We didn’t realize until the vet told us that rawhides were like feeding dogs chocolate bars. We switched to carrots,not only did he love them but it’s the only thing we tried that made him forget rawhides. He now goes to the fridge instead of the cupboard for his treat. I recently tried giving him orange segments and he loved them. Some other favorites have been: frozen brussel sprouts when he was teething, asparagus spears (but just a few/ gas problems..enough, strawberries, some apples (he doesn’t like Granny Smith), canteloupe, green peppers, eggplant, zuchinni, engish cucumbers, green beans and broccoli.
    The good news is in 6 months he’s down to his ideal 95 lbs. I should add that this was also while he is taking prednisone for allergies which makes him super hungry. :)

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  22. i love dogs!

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  23. Charlotte

    My MaltesexShihTzu adores apples, red ones of course haha, it is a difficult task to munch on a red apple with that little thing sitting in front of you watching, so in the end I end we end up going half and half lol. My big boy isnt a fruit fan unless its in some yoghurt.

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  24. Lizzi

    My Yorkie loves apples I fed him a couple today and he would do all kinds of tricks for me to give him more haha he’s so cute I love him!<3

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  25. ali

    my Siberian husky ate amdro yesterday and I was told by the vet to give him treats. he wouldn’t eat anything but cubed apple.

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  26. April

    Well I gave my puppy an apple and she loved it very much

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  27. Jess

    Our dog absolutely loves apples! If he sees one of us snacking on them, he’ll just stare at us until we decide to give him a little piece. We give him rather small pieces; around the size an pumpkin seed

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  28. Carole

    My 2-1/2 old Morkie loves apples. I give him pieces after his meals (morning and night). I keep them cut up in a baggie in the refrigerator and he knows as soon as he’s done eating I will give him about four pieces. He jumps up like a jumping bean!!!

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  29. Kimikai

    My Dog Issaboo, love granny smith apples, I bring them in the house and she will follow me around and beg until I peel, core and slice one and feed it to her, honestly you would think I had a steak, she loves them so much,

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  30. Marissa

    This site was amazing I loved the funny dog comments but enough about that lol.My boston terrier Romeo loves fruits he loves carrots,apples,cantaloupes,bananas,and oranges but our other boston terrier Violet doesn’t favor them she loves red licorice twists even though there sweet and supposedly bad for them she has never once had a problem and right now they are both crunching on some crispy green apples

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  31. Nathan

    We have a spoiled Maltese who begs for people food. He is so precious & sweet so it’s easy to give in with fruit, not people food. I know grapes are bad but he loves apples. My advice to dog owners would be to NOT let them eat the skin. First time we gave him an apple slice, it was mainly the skin and it seemed to stick to his throat & that worried us a little until he drank some water. He also loves bananas and canned green beans. He is our little baby boy & we are trying to use the fruit as a way to make him shake before he gets his fruity treat.

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  32. Barbara Diamond

    I have been giving my fur-person Apples and the core, but no more.
    Just the apple and no core. She loves the core but no more. Thank you thank you so much she is so dear to me I was
    love her so much Thanks again for the information.

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  33. Jim

    Recently there was a flash flood that washed a ton of apples into our back yard. Our dogs Bella and Benji were confused with all this new fruit that suddenly appeared in the yard. They ran around the yard with the apples in their mouth like a ball. After reading these posts, we’ll definitely consider letting them eat the apples. What an unexpected blessing :)

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